August 1, 2015

debbie pryor on the flaw in love

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the garden of peculiarities 46

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Barbara Enrenreich proposes that wars, like ritual sacrifice, are celebratory practices that reconstruct the transition of the human animal from prey to predator. It may be that human violence is the residual memory of the repressed experience of having been prey, our original place in the food chain. Through socialization and cooperation, primitive bands were able to survive the attacks of predators. Notwithstanding, the weakest, slowest, and defenseless were given up for the good of the entire primitive clan. As soon as the youngest and healthiest members were able to flee, the beasts had a feast, devouring those left behind. This awoke a sense of danger and terror that engendered the consciousness of death. Sociability was a first step toward survival, giving rise to feelings of solidarity and community cooperation. The experience of being prey is before that of being hunter. It was only the manufacture of tools and their manipulation that permitted humans to hunt other animals for food and in self-defense. In this way they also sharpened domesticating practices. The dog, for example, was mastered primarily as an animal for the hunt. It is probable, however, that humans first engaged in scavenging, which gave rise to carnivorous practice. With the working and polishing of stone—the fabrication of tools and weapons for hunting—human beings derailed the course of nature and converted themselves into predators. This originated warlike thinking, and at the same time lay the foundation of the instrumental, evolving development of reasoning. In this process, carnivorous animals were viewed as deities, represented many times in prehistoric cave paintings and symbolic rites. This representation is tied to the practice of sacrifice, which, for example, the ancient Greeks transformed into hecatombs.

Wars are nothing more than bellicose rites of human sacrifice carried out in the name of “political fathers” who have designed the standardizing and stupefying megamachine. Wars re-enact the horror of being prey and stimulate the adrenaline rush of fight or flight; meanwhile, they also heighten the conquering spirit of the predator. In modern societies, antidepressants have suppressed adrenaline, repressing the capacity to experience risk and subsuming instinct in self-repressive and stressful frustration. The megamachine cretinizes the population, which becomes a group of superfluous individuals easily manipulated by nationalistic slogans, derived perhaps from a socializing and pristine original sentiment. Militarism drives soldiers to a modern hecatomb, whose only effect is terror. In the face of this terror, climbing trees to defend them from clearcutting, liberating animals from their cages, letting deer graze peacefully, organizing communal meals, hugging friends, etc., are acts of love that thwart the logic of the hunted and hunter. War is the material and symbolic re-enactment of the transition to predation, and it crystallizes in the “terrorist” reliving of horror. The utmost respect for all living creatures is the only possible ethic that can oppose depredating aggression. Survival is not sustained in the art of killing, or in politics, or in war. On the contrary, responsible cooperation and community are essential for human and planetary coexistence. Predation, terror and war are the sanguine trident of instrumental reason, and its self-rationalizing logic is the foolishness that annihilates consciousness and steeps the imagination in fear. In order to amplify the consciousness to the detriment of genetic determinism, it is necessary to banish the paradigm of prey-predator. Opposing war is a first step.

sakman live @metrorail sucks

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decolonising wits @open stellenbosch

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kaganof on desistfilm 009 very soon

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shaul blackboy on the herero genocide at shark island

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the german herero war of 1904

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Nicholas Brady on writing/texts/theory

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“Wherever you are making a reading of a body of texts — be they songs, gestures, slang, poems, academic articles, novels — one is producing theory. The terrible rap beef between Meek and Drake has produced much theorizing about the meaning of hip hop, rap, authenticity, and quality. Ultimately, the question of theory is still the same as the question of writing — who are you writing to/for/from and how much do you want to push?” Nicholas Brady

j. mia pistorius reviews stephanus muller’s nagmusiek

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this review first published in fontes artis musicae

Nagmusiek – 'n skending from African Noise Foundation on Vimeo.

Art, Adorno says, is not culture. Culture is acquiescent, conformist, reflects the false consciousness of unity or totality. True art is confrontational, uncomfortable, exhaustingly engaged in an immanent dialectic with society. ‘The authentic artists of the present’, he writes, ‘are those in whose works there shudders the aftershock of the most extreme horror.’ This leads one to reflect on what kind of society one lives in and what the role is of the art that you practice (if it is art and not only culture), in this society. If this sounds vaguely familiar, it is because living in South Africa at this time (and here I explicitly do not mean the South Africa of anodyne American shopping malls and muzak), it should be.

Stephanus Muller
Contemporary South African INterfaces with Aspects of Adornian Musical Thought

keep reading here: http://kaganof.com/kagablog/2015/03/10/stephanus-muller-contemporary-south-african-interfaces-with-aspects-of-adornian-musical-thought/

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metrorail sucks big time

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chumani maxwele – political prisoner?

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metrorail sucks

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open stellenbosch up the ante

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July 31, 2015

the bottom line

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lerato shadi

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karin van marle@stias

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July 30, 2015

christoph odendaal on open stellenbosch

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first published here: ww.bonfiire.com/stellenbosch/2015/07/right-to-be-here/

open stellenbosch wed 29 july 2015

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open stellenbosch tue afternoon 28 july 2015

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July 28, 2015

open stellenbosch on the tuesday morning

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struggling to focus

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photo by niklas zimmer

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