January 21, 2017

ingoma yomzabalazo

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The Song As Struggle and Resistance Caucus, is a Black Thought Symposium initiative. The initiative seeks to find ways to speak about what song means to black people in the struggle and how it can or has been used as a method of resistance. The caucus is interested in creating a dialogue between artists on the role of black acoustic practices in the struggle. This is to say, the caucus wants to create a community of practitioners who will interpret, archive and convey the struggle songs in the black experience. At its core the caucus seeks to find ways and vocabularies to stress the vitality of art negre in the de-colonial project.

The collaboration will take the form of three day events around Western Cape. The events will be hosted in universities and townships such that we are able to reach and accommodate as many people as we can in the dialogue.

15 February 2017
Discussion: The Role of Song in Struggle and as Struggle.
Venue: UCT
Time: 15h00
Description: The discussion will be a reflective one between Black Thought Symposium and the Rhodes Must Fall comrades on how they used song to struggle and what song meant for them throughout the protests. The discussion will be punctuated by performances from both BLKThought Music and Iphupho l’ka Biko. The performances will be followed by another conversation that will happen in the form an exchange of struggle songs where comrades of Rhodes Must Fall/ Fees Must Fall will share the songs that have touched them the most and vice versa.

16 February 2017
Symposium: Reflections on the Bana(abi)lity of Song in Struggle
Venue: Stellenbosch
Time: 15h00
Description: The symposium will be separated in two parts. The first part will be a feedback by Black Thought Symposium of the discussion on the bana(abi)lity of song. The feedback will include readings of some of the ideas that were presented at the symposium. The second part will be a conversation on how we can think more critically about songs and their animative power in the struggle.

Visit: Conversation and Performances at the PASS on ‘Song as Struggle and Resistance’
Venue: Pan-African Space Station
Time: 19h30

17 February 2017
Township Tour: Busking and Improvisation
Venue: Khayelitsha
Time: 16h00
Description: The purpose of this tour is to try and get a feel of what people who are not necessarily located in the university space think about struggle. We will go to specific locations in the township and have performances that will be followed by a conversation between the artists and the audience.

the traitor

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“No one knows how you feel inside when you are hired to pretend you are a traitor and you end up believing your own betrayal. A job which consists of forgetting day after day. Being expected to feign dishonour. My mirror no longer reflects a face which can even be called my own. Either I am an agent or this is truly betrayal. But I sleep the sleep of the just in the knowledge that my futile existence does not impede the march of infinite time. On the contrary: it would appear that I am expected to be utterly futile, that I should even sleep the sleep of the just. They want me occupied and distracted, by whatever means. For with my wandering thoughts and solemn foolishness I might impede what is happening inside me. Strictly speaking, I myself have only served to impede. The notion that my destiny exceeds me suggests that I might be an agent. At least, they might have allowed me to perceive as much, for I am one of those people who do a job badly unless I am allowed some insight. They made me forget what I had been allowed to perceive, but I still have the vague notion that my destiny exceeds me and that I am the instrument of their work.”

Clarice Lispector

The Egg and the Chicken

January 19, 2017

Metalepsis in Black

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January 17, 2017

notes for the flaw in love

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January 15, 2017

ANGELO FICK quoted from Metalepsis in Black

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January 13, 2017


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“The whites had no notion yet that they were existing on the mere pittance of inherited and decaying values, soon to be overtaken by an enormous bankruptcy”
Erich Heller

Say It With Flowers
South Africa

A found footage bouquet arranged and abused by Aryan Kaganof. Film material shot by Charles Weich between 1948 and 1973 was mashed up with the soundtrack to Brief Encounter. The result is an indictment of the pathological whiteness that manifested itself virulently as “apartheid”.
produced by Stephanus Muller for Africa Open

Stephanus Muller on You’re In Chains Too

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read the full interview here: http://www.litnet.co.za/onderhoud-met-stephanus-muller-dekolonisasie-van-musiek/

anarchy is not chaos

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don’t confuse anarchy with chaos

what appears good for the herd is, mostly, not even good for the herd, and certainly, almost never, good for the truly individuated soul that does not identify with the herd

herd mentality is fear made manifest in regulatory systems that almost always oppress individual choice

anarchism is listening to the inner voice that is always true for the individual and, therefore, always true and best for other individuals because the inner voice is the real self-regulation of all beings that is thwarted by oppressively enforced systemic thinking and being (power).

aryan kaganof
13 january 2017

January 12, 2017


every act of creation is inseparable from the critique of its medium, and every work, intensely reflecting upon itself, looks like the embodied doubt of its own possibility.
Erich Heller

Say It With Flowers
South Africa

A found footage bouquet arranged and abused by Aryan Kaganof.
Film material shot by Charles Weich between 1948 and 1973 was mashed up with the soundtrack to Brief Encounter.
The result is an indictment of the pathological whiteness that manifested itself virulently as “apartheid”.
produced by Stephanus Muller for Africa Open

January 4, 2017

METALEPSIS IN BLACK – notes on structure

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Organic unity is the technique used to structure Metalepsis in Black so that there is a direct relationship between each part of the work and its totality. The compositional units when brought together make up the whole. The final order of the scenes was arrived at using a system of deliberately arbitrary intercalations of these compositional units. Intercalation, in the context of university administration, is a period when a student is officially suspended from studying for an academic degree.

Aryan Kaganof

January 3, 2017

auto da fé – elias canetti

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Metalepsis in Black

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January 2, 2017

THRENODY FOR THE VICTIMS OF MARIKANA screening at Anthology Film Archives, New York, 15 February 2016

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book your tickets here: http://anthologyfilmarchives.org/film_screenings/series/46938

December 30, 2016

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December 27, 2016

Quintin Williams on AFRIKAAPS

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December 26, 2016

WESTERN 4.33 – background history

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December 25, 2016

aleppo, dolorous

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music – Garth Erasmus
image – aryan kaganof

December 23, 2016

Trevor Shaku, Thinking Africa, University of Free State, Mangaung, 5 October 2016

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December 22, 2016

WILLIAM FOURIE on Metalepsis in Black

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first published here: https://strangethreads.wordpress.com/2016/12/07/a-slow-response-to-metalepsis-in-black/

December 20, 2016

Western 4.33 @Visions du reel, Nyon, April 2017

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Athabile Nonxuba on the 8% fee increases for 2017

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