October 14, 2007

from the book of disquiet

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to join in or collaborate or act with others is a metaphysically morbid impulse. the soul conferred on the individual shouldn’t be lent out to its relations with others. the divine fact of existing shouldn’t be surrendered to the satanic fact of coexisting.
when i act with others, there’s at least one thing that i lose – acting alone.
when i participate, although it seems that i’m expanding, i’m limiting myself. to associate is to die. only my consciousness of myself is real for me; other people are hazy phenomena in this consciousness, and it would be morbid to attribute very much reality to them.
children, who want at all costs to have their way, are closest to god, for they want to exist.

fernando pessoa
the book of disquiet

self portrait

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we need to find ways

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we need to find ways
to double-cross the one ways
and criss-crossing by ways
they have carved for us in different ways

they must not lead us sideways

there is either their way
or the right way
to ascend the heavenly high way

meditations vii

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I am the artist, child of the gods
Called to re-memory the art and story
Of the Khoi the Maori the Basarwa
Arts and stories of civilizations purged
Like the song of a deceased bird
Echoing in the hunter’s ears
Moving from soul to body through voice
To the heart into lungs via throat
Through trumpet \ trombone \ sax
From singer to dancer inner veins via fingers
Thru piano \ keyboard, guitar

Millennia before the bard proclaimed
The fruits of love
And psychologists, musicologists proposed
People who listen and play Mozart
Don’t throw Molotovs
Africa found in music
An outlet for intimate feelings
The drum conversed with spirits and
Spirits conversed to the people

Since time immemorial
Sensing demands of moment and circumstance
Story tellers, entertainer’s rant\conteurs
Added their vibe and beat
To the sounding board of local
And universal struggles

the society of the spectacle

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The deterministic-scientific facet in Marx’s thought was precisely the gap through which the process of “ideologization” penetrated, during his own lifetime, into the theoretical heritage left to the workers’ movement. The arrival of the historical subject continues to be postponed, and it is economics, the historical science par excellence, which tends increasingly to guarantee the necessity of its own future negation. But what is pushed out of the field of theoretical vision in this manner is revolutionary practice, the only truth of this negation. What becomes important is to study economic development with patience, and to continue to accept suffering with a Hegelian tranquility, so that the result remains “a graveyard of good intentions.” It is suddenly discovered that, according to the science of revolution,consciousness always comes too soon, and has to be taught. “History has shown that we, and all who thought as we did, were wrong. History has clearly shown that the state of economic development on the continent at that time was far from being ripe” Engels was to say in 1895. Throughout his life, Marx had maintained a unitary point of view in his theory, but the exposition of the theory was carried out on the terrain of the dominant thought and became precise in the form of critiques of particular disciplines, principally the critique of the fundamental science of bourgeois society, political economy. It is this mutilation, later accepted as definitive, which has constituted “marxism.”

more than you know

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We fight until we’re tired
sometimes I think it’s because I don’t know what I’m feeling
or how to get it out
I need to scream and pick at small things
and feel too much and analyze the pieces of conversations
your every word
I need to look for more meaning than there is
because I need to try to figure out what it is I’m feeling in the first place
I feel compelled to try to know
Sometimes I think I’m too sensitive for this world
Like I need a vacation from life
I can’t function
You make my life much better I know this for sure
You understand you tolerate you’re kind you’re patient you love me
When I have no answers you don’t try to fill in the blanks and provide
You just wait by my side until they come
And I love you more than ever for that alone
I love you more than I can tell you
More than you know.

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bondage is only skin deep

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photo by susanna smith

high voltage low voltage

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pink 7

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like clockwork

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white nights by sir dark green

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body cinema

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