December 2, 2007


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Although his 11-track CD (titled CONFRONTATION) will only be formally launched next week, the name of Free State singing sensation, Seleke Botsime is already on the lips of so many. Strategically, one or two tracks from his debut CD are already being played at diverse pubs, shebeens, taverns (including local radio) across the Free State. The magnificent track, “Zimbabwe” in particular, is being regularly hummed and sung by countless music lovers. Already Seleke is having a taste of stardom: being congratulated, touched, and hugged by many on the streets, including women!

“My dream is getting very close to reality,” Seleke admits. “When my debut CD comes out next week containing all my 11 tracks, it’d be the greatest moment of my life. Music is more than a hobby for me, it is intrinsically part of me. When am performing, strumming my guitar, I become somewhat possessed! The transcendental rhythms and melody of music overwhelm me and am infused with extraordinary energy,”

For the first time ever in the Free State (FS) there will be a special Press Conference/Lunch session where Seleke will mingle with the media and distribute free copies of his CD – and “SLK vests” – to assorted journalists. “It’s the least I can do,” Seleke says, tossing his head in a beautiful gesture typical of him. “The media has contributed a lot to making me, with so many stories on me even before I released! I want my feet to remain firmly on the ground”

Urbain Tila, also a musician and general artist, says: “Seleke has it all! He’s incredibly charismatic, brilliant, articulate, generous, suave, yet humble; well read, an instinctive poet, and morally formidable. His music is superb, per excellence. Seleke is one of the greatest young men South Africa has ever produced,”

CONFRONTATION, Seleke’s debut CD, contains the following tracks: Introduction, A song for Buhle, Freedom song, baile, Zimbabwe, Rebirth, The grass is green, Interlude, Rebirth (acoustic) featuring Judah Ben Hur, Thaba ‘Nchu, and Autro.

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