April 23, 2008

kerstin ergenzinger seminar at k3 in malmö

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Welcome to a seminar with Kerstin Ergenzinger, IASPIS artist in residence at K3 this semester. The seminar will take place at K3, Malmö, in “Lutet” (downstairs) at 16.00 on
Thursday the 24th of April.


Kerstin Ergenzingers artwork envisions a conceptual and material framework for the technologies of inspection, visual transfer, and architecture. Her installation work raises questions of exactly what is lived space, what is our body, and by what measures do we judge it? In Kerstins work, futuristic landscapes pulse with viewers, machines, sound, and architecture built space interconnected to existing space by illumination and speed. By surveilling moving information at mixed velocities, viewers can question just what is being measured, and who is in control. (Julia Scher)


In my work I focus on the conditions for perception and explore how we sense space. For me it is a continuous practice centered on the feedback between perceiving, feeling, thinking and acting. I deal with the idea that interpreting our surroundings – stimuli, data, relationships… – we only move on seemingly stable ground. Nevertheless our interpretations are deeply influenced by this longing for stability. We are constantly developing and applying technics that expand our ability of absorption, on which we consequentially build up our perception and develop models and patterns of interpretation to orientate ourselves in the world.


I mainly work with electricity, light and diverse matter in drawing, sculpture and video. My architectures, flexible or kinetic sculptures, drawings and projection systems discuss basic patterns of urban and rural spaces. For example “space-cut I” and the “teleporticon” series reflect on perceived space in modern building complexes. They examine the conditions and processes inside business parks constructed of glass and steel at the level of sensory perception. “…°W/…°O nodegreewestandnodegreeast” maps out strategies for orientation. “study for longing/seeing” explores the image of mountains and land to deal with the human concept of longing tied to mental and cultural projections. (Kerstin Ergenzinger)


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  1. don gerola Says:

    I’m interested in artists who use forces of nature in their work, or aspects of science and physics . . . light ( laser, neon, fire, etc. ) sound, electricity, electromagnetism.

    Curious where your home state is . . . studio ?

    Best Wishes


  2. wayne Says:

    really enjoyed this talk. thanks for le invitation. wayne