May 1, 2010

Press Release: Andile Mngxitama speaks in Cape Town this weekend!

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The controversial columnist and publisher of the independent journal New Frank Talk(NFT), Andile Mngxitama, will hold a series of talks in Cape Town this weekend. On Friday 30 May 2010 he is a key speaker at the UCT Medical school at 6pm at the Wolsong Pavalion Lecture Theatre. His talk is titled “The Politics of Free Higher Education”.

On Saturday 1 May at 13:30 Mngxitama will be in Gugulethu at Kwa Mlamli. The Gugulethu talk will examine the thinking behind New Frank Talk where Athi Joja will have a “FRANK TALK” with Mngxitama.

The events hosted by New Frank Talk are generally a festival of ideas and sparks are likely to fly on this occassion too. Mngxitama, through NFT, hopes to update Black Consciousness as a radical black perspective for the 21 century. He holds the view that black South Africans are a powerless majority and that the ANC government should be held responsible for ongoing poverty and racism against blacks.

These talks are co sponsored by the youth group Blackwash, which believes that “ 94 changed fokol!”

Below is a summary of the five editions of NFT which will be discussed and will also be on sale for between R20.00 and R25.00

Why Biko would not Vote by Andile Mngxitama;
The essay looks at the late Steven Biko’s conception of liberation and argues that from this perspective, Biko would not have voted in the South African 2009 elections as his idea of freedom is different to that of the ANC and other existing parties.

From Mbeki to Zuma: What is the Difference? by Andile Mngxitama
Mngxitama argues that there is very little ideologically that is different between former President Mbeki and the current president Jacob Zuma.

Blacks can’t be Racist by Andile Mngxitama
Here Mngxitama challenges ideas about blacks being capable of racism and argues instead that because of their postion in an anti-black world, black people neither have the political clout or privilege to be racist.

Black Colonialists: the Root of Africa’s Trouble by Dr Chinweizu
Dr Chinweizu, the respected Nigerian scholar, looks at the black ruling class in Nigeria and the rest of Africa. For Chinweizu the black ruling class is no different to their predecessors and the black majority who are poor and exploited should treat them no differently.

White Revolutionary as Missionary?: Contemporary Travels and Researches in Caffraria by Heinrich Bohmke .
Bohmke, a white activist who was a member of Umkhonto Wesizwe (the ANC military wing) and participated in many post-94 social movements, argues that the white Left is driven by the same civilising impulse that colonial missionaries had.

For interviews, please call Andile Mngxitama on 082 742 9660.

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  1. Angela Barrera Says:

    I believe that blacks have a right to feel however they want but I wish that this country would unite and stand together.There is too much going on in our country for us all to be divided.If we are divided then we are weak but united we are strong.I am white and I am not racist.My best friend all through my life is a black lady.We need to put aside our differences and realize that we were created equal.The New Black Panther Party wants to attack FoxNews and they do have freedom of speech but they do NOT have the right to intimidate voters.They say Fox is scaring their veiwers and stirring up racism but what do they think they are doing standing in front voting polls with weapons?They are scaring white voters and being racist by calling us crackers.Obama has got his hand in it too.He is not about change except for reversing the roles of which race has power over the other race.He should be ashamed.I will pray for all the blacks who after all this time are wanting to segregate the country.We have been through so much and now it seems as if we are back at square one.United We Stand,Divided We Fall!

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