November 27, 2010


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Ashley Johnson is a South African artist who relocated to Toronto in 2005. The
exhibition features paintings from his Primal Series created since then.

“These are story paintings that address sexual taboos and uncomfortable subject matter. There are many precedents in other cultures where animals are combined with human forms. The Primal paintings also bring into consideration the nature of reality and individuality. Humans often anthropomorphize animals so we have creatures like ‘Peter Rabbit’. My art goes in the opposite direction, looking for the animal in the human psyche. I am interested in how religion has influenced our culture and our ways of interacting with the environment. It causes a kind of blindness to reality.”

Opening Saturday 4th December 2010 at 2pm

Right on the Rim Gallery
Arts on Main
264 Fox Street

James de Villiers
Gallery 111
+27 11 6 222 444
083 7638216
email: 111@111.co.za
GPS coordinates
28° 3’28.79″E

Exhibition closes 16 December

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