December 18, 2012

jimmy rage on blaxploitation

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jimmy rage


blackexploitation like segregation was cinema of the coloured kind..


made by black handed resistance with black faces shuffling punching and getting up and getting down..


cus cinema at the time gave brothers and sisters no screen time save to die amidst the bullet of dialogue that was shit or the bullet of the guns while being chased by whitey cops..


niggardly they were strutted on screen and shoot in first or last scene.there were no roles for black heroes in white stories so they created them for dem selves.. dig..


never was the man ready for sex and blood and gore committed by said brother or sister actors
remember in gone with the wind
hattie got an oscar for being the mammy slave..


while the films themselves often time were violent and laced with all kinds of disrespect for gender and race and dialogue..
“nigga dis and “nigga dat..


generally it was good for the black ego by and large to see black actors working and being involved on all levels..


pimps hustlers and hoes strutted across screens screaming..


cotton came to harlem and pam grier became stuff legends were made of..


she generally got her man with a shotgun or saturday night special in her hand.superfly was the new term.. on the streets


needless to say downtown and in hollywood directors and businessmen looked on as the marketplace for such films grew and actors in such films gained notoriety and fame outside the main of hollywood..


later those said dealers of good and bad taste would jump in the foray and create their own hollywood africans.


still from the brief and lucrative history of blackexploits.. the theatres all over cities lit up with fired up brothers and sisters laughing and enjoying seeing images of themselves on the screen. funny thing was the stories started out bad and eventually had many riveting movies..


gordon parks fashioned shaft and the whole van peebles empire was born..too. there were many more directors but the names slip my mind now..


as cinema today it stands as testament of persistent perseverance.. and always the films that myths and styles and movements are made of. james brown wrote film scores for them. black caesar and marvin gaye..trouble man.. and many more.


they were essential forms of spreading a kind of racial coolness..that later became a kind of black militantness ..that later became fashion..


as in now.. indeed it spawned and bred unlikey supporters and made unlikely idols and ideals..


but again that is what cult does.. and will continue to do.. seen.

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