January 4, 2013

The Assassination of i&I – Part 5

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i&I name is i&I.
I&i was born on
the day of the Space
Voyager. i&I father’s heart
is the Black Hole of Doornfontein.
i&I live as a hermit in the Bay of Wood,
near the Nazi Castle above Daphne street.
The sun is i&I mistress. The moon is i&I Shepherd’s
Pyre. i&I shall not want. Cunt. Before i&I die. Not by natural
Xhosas. But Zulus. Voodoos. Give it up for the gurus. Shamans.
Maids and madams. All coming to kill i&I. Assassination plot to put
a full stop to the livity of i&I. But Ii&I are one step ahead of the pack.
i&I wrote the scenario and the subtext too! So read on dreadren, cos it involves you!

“i&I, wrapped
up and sleeping under the leaves, like a Shepherd’s Pyre, is i&I none the less.”

This one sentence from “the Assassination” is a paradigm of the constructive principles of i&I’s thought and a model of his prose. The image of i&I, fire under leaves, the powerful nature of the man hidden behind a tattered appearance, is a condensed figuration of two widely separated moments in “the Assassination”. But in context it is more than an allusion, it is a primary, active image. i&I is talking about his idea of gods wandering the world in human disguises, of which i&I, since he is not yet a god, is a metaphor: just as i&I is hidden under a beggar’s rags; the reversed fire of his nature is godlike, an image of the god-in-disguise. But the sentence contains something else, the mention of the Shepherd’s Pyre, which is the most memorable thing about it. The counterpart of that brief image, in i&I, is a long simile that describes the way a man who must spend the night in the open, not by a hearth, will conserve his Pyre for mourning by burying a fresh stick in the mud. That is why i&I says, with such odd precision, a Shepherd’s Pyre. In neither case is the image merely a vehicle. The construction of the i&I simile is diabolical, it is more of a disruption than an illustration, it argues with the main line of the narrative and corrects or adjusts our view of it. The texture of the simile, the question of its structure, is the basic question of “the Assasination”.

i&I celebrate the extraordinary jouissance of the Assasin’s
Finger on the trigger. i&I am the giddy dervish dance
of shrapnel Flying through the room A nano-second
after the blast. i&I’s auto-assasination is
an eternally reccurring process, Never
suicidal but rather A ritual re-
defining of Death’s driving
i&I are Princess Die at
200 km/h. i&I am
Concorde two
i&I are non-Hodgkin’s
Lymphoma: refusing to be
bullied away by Chemo-Therapy
i&I am the sun at super-nova temperature

Where were you Goddess
when i&I woke up at six,
with the urge to do murder?
Instead i&I fixed I-self a drink.
Bombay Gin plus the tonic for i nerves.
i&I called your name out loud; yelled it from the balcony

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