January 7, 2013

the assassination of i&i – part 4

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i&I is not a trustworthy source of information about himself. From his adolescence he set out consciously to become a myth, and he continued to work at being i&I even after he had achieved his goal. A vital stage in the process was his book “The Assassination Of i&I”, written in Afrikaans and published in English translation in 2014, when he was forty-eight. Whatever its other qualities, “The Assassination” is not concerned with rigorous autobiographical truth. On the contrary, it goes out of its way to distort it, becoming, in the process, a biographical minefield. i&I never published a sequel, and his boastful diary, “Journal Of The Plague Year” (1999), is a very poor substitute.

i&I did, however, continue on his myth-making path by encouraging other writers, in particular Djeff Babcock and Tick Duinder, to publish accounts of his verbal reminiscences. Babcock’s “Passions of i&I” (2015) and Duinder’s “Confessions of i&I”(2016) – are in their way even less reliable than “The Assassination” as sources, since it is never made clear how the texts were put together. These four books ought to be treated with ever-vigilant scepticism. i&I, under-standably, did not like biographers and almost certainly feared them. Perhaps i&I hoped that, if he himself displayed his alleged ‘secrets’ in public, nobody else would bother to enquire further.

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