July 15, 2013

adieu kunle apantaku

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first published here: http://blackafricanliterature.blogspot.com/2013/07/adieu-kunle-apantaku.html

20 Responses to “adieu kunle apantaku”

  1. Soqaga Says:

    A very sentimental tribute to Kunle, I learn about him in your book my
    life and literature. He was your best friend and hapless it happened
    that his dreams of being a writer be shattered. One of the saddest
    thing is that both your books at your young age never got published
    after empty promises were made by the publisher. Yet what is good is
    that you never forsake him as a successful author of more than 25
    books even at this time when mourning for his death is still fresh in
    your mind. No doubt Kunle was magnificent. If this misfortune never
    involved in his life, Kunle Apantaku was going to be among the young
    writers that Africa ever produce. Judging your tribute to him which is
    dramatically long The tribute reminds me Sol Plaatjie Motswana. I am
    certain Kunle were he is now is happy. May his soul rest in peace.
    Robala ka kagisho MoAfrica.

  2. Raphael Says:

    A superb tribute indeed. This brings tears to one’s eyes. I recollect reading about Mr Apantaku in one of Mr Bolaji’s books; and critic Mzwandile Soqaga also mentions Apantaku in some of his essays. The young writers should learn from this – how difficult it was for even very talented African writers to get published many years ago. Now its so easy that youngsters can no longer even appreciate…this is just too moving…

  3. Jerry Says:

    Arguably the most powerful piece of short writing I have ever read; comes straight from the heart, a sore bleeding heart. Now we really know why Bolaji sacrificed his best years in life helping countless other writers to get published – so the the terrible pain of Mr Apantaku pushed him,! One hopes writers, the young ones will learn from this and appreciate their good fortune these days

  4. Gilbert Says:

    I remember sitting down to talk with Mr Bolaji about African literature (when he edited a magazine for me years ago) and whenever we tried to praise him as a writer he would just go on to praise people like Mr Kunle Apantaku “Some great talents out there fell by the wayside,” he said very sadly. “It’s such a pity black writers are suffering…nobody encourages them; and when they are accepted as literary protagonists they become scared of criticism etc…it is like a vicious cycle…” My own condolences pls

  5. Aaron Says:

    Anguish, frustration, understandable bitterness at loss of real talent. It can be a cruel world

  6. Palmer Says:

    The past often comes back to haunt us, and I suspect this is the case with Mr Bolaji here. No doubt he never expected that Mr Apantaku would die so prematurely and he is feeling a bit “guilty” in the process. I also read Bolaji’s book My Life and Literature where he explains that he (Bolaji) as a young editor and columnist some 20 years ago published some of Apantaku’s writings…though this still did not stop him from “going downhill”. It is a sad process, but all I can say is that Mr Bolaji must not feel too guilty. Rest in peace Kunle Apantaku

  7. Palmer Says:

    What about Mr P Lechesa? I’d be interested in what he’d have to say about this

  8. Biodun Apantaku (Sir Ted) Says:

    Fantastic piece.I place it on my fb page too.The comments are great. Thanx for doing such.The Apantakus thank u.

  9. Teboho Says:

    An excellent article – Ntate Bolaji at his best, but in a case like this there is really nothing that can be done. I am happy that at least the literary world will get to know about the late Ntate Apantaku now, and what might have been. Maybe a literary prize can be named after him. That would be a fine gesture. We South Africans still remember Ingrid Jonker though she died decades ago. Yes I strongly recommend that a literary prize be started, named after this gentleman. Thanks.

  10. abiodun apantaku Says:

    The entire Apantaku is excited by the comments about your Tribute on my beloved brother.Its thought provoking and concise.My late brother was also a song writer.He was a man of peace.He loved the literary world more than the legal proffession.Thanx all,especially my boss and mentor who with my late brother mould my life.

  11. Omoseye Says:

    Thanks, guys! And yes I must confess that I do rather feel guilty…

  12. Yetunde Emiola nee Apantakusis) Says:

    Great piece uncle Seye…….u were one of d few dat saw my beloved bro’s raw talent n great potentials….its sad he didn’t live 2 fulfill most of his heart desires,bt this tribute is consoling&does justice …….A great Man OLAKUNLE OLUBUKOLA APANTAKU wuld av bn…..bt it is well,he’s gone 2 rest…..A bright n shining star,the brightest of all….Gone too soon,Soo soon.God bless u bro Seye 4 ds great and articulate piece!
    Still can’t help chuckln abt my beauty dat practically hurts! Tahnks bro.

  13. Abbey Says:

    May his soul rest in peace. Writing so well at such an early age shows what world has lost

  14. Godfrey Says:

    On behalf of our publication, we would like to express our condolences too. For Mr bolaji to write something as powerful as this, a literary jewel has departed our shores

  15. pule Says:

    I tried to post my tribute to Kunle earlier here, but failed. However my tribute is now posted elsewhere on this blog, as a separate write-up. Thanks

  16. Duma Says:

    Fantastic! It’s uplifting to see a writer being celebrated like this. His life was not in vain. Intriguing comments. Rest in peace

  17. Gilbert Says:

    The memorial ceremony for the deceased here was quite touching

  18. Oscar Vuleo Says:

    Did not know Kunle before now, but it is painful when the good ones go first

  19. Maxwell (Author, Short story writer) Says:

    I really ‘enjoyed’ this, however i could not believe that you said ur late friend was a better writter than u. but what a masterpiece…

  20. Josh Says:

    Ag! What a tribute