July 16, 2013

Tribute to kunle apantaku by Pule Lechesa

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Alas! The stench of death is never sweet when the deceased is someone you really idolize or know very closely. This unfathomable maxim is crystallized as regards the sudden passing away of literary giants such as the late Chinua Achebe, and the literary conduit Kunle is being received in all the literary quarters.

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Their suddenly giving up the ghost has become a hot international discourse in all the literary spheres. No local, national and international writer in his sober mind could fathom this unbearable news. All of these things prove that the smell of their death was like an unpalatable sour pill to swallow.

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I was really touched by this “ode” written in a fluent, narrative style and clearly coming from the rock-hard foundation of Omoseye Bolaji’s heart.

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This literary icon (Bolaji) adored his friend Kunle to bits; hence he never ceased to share with us (local writers) Kunle’s anecdotal literary history. How the two of them started writing from infancy and so forth. The death of his friend has really affected Bolaji and to my chagrin this week, his health seems to have reached down-spiral peak. We know that he will recuperate as always!

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It is thrilling and inspiring to learn that the duo became literary conduits from the infancy stage and have never tired of churning out books despite having being told that they could not make a living out of this passion (creative writing).

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What good lesson can we draw out of Kunle’s life experience, more especially focusing on the literary field? I believe in the saying that “the horse in the front reveals the logic to the ones behind.” Kunle has taught us that the creative writing is an in-born talent and you must fine-tune it at your teething stages.

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I reckon we have to realize that becoming a literary figure does not come cheap. We have to focus on quintessential literature.

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I can only conclude by saying that honouring our literary icons is the yeast that feeds the dough of growth in literature. Let us learn from the experiences of our icons. Such deaths definitely touch many people’s hearts.

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Really, I am rather nonplussed; but may Kunle’s soul rest in peace..

10 Responses to “Tribute to kunle apantaku by Pule Lechesa”

  1. pule Says:

    Actually I wanted this piece to be included alongside the other comments on the late KUNLE, but I still appreciate this

  2. Omoseye Says:

    Thank you Mr Lechesa. What about dedicating your new book to KUNLE?

  3. Duma Says:

    Fantastic! It’s uplifting to see a writer being celebrated like this. His life was not in vain. Beautifully arranged here. Rest in peace

  4. abiodun apantaku Says:

    Great tribute by a great mind.Lechesa,gratia from us the Apantakus,we are overwhelm.

  5. Yetunde Emiola nee Apantakusis) Says:

    Whow!!!! Am Dazed,Even in death my beloved brother shines on like d bright star dat he was……thanks lechesa a great piece u got here.Bro Seye be consoled dat he’s gone 2 rest! Gracias.

  6. Teboho Says:

    As a writer of fiction myself, I am very proud of ntate Kunle. Imagine writing novels at 17!

  7. Gilbert Says:

    Another fine tribute to NTATE APANTAKU. His Memorial event here in SA was quite touching.

  8. Raphael Says:

    Impressive tribute. This again almost brings tears to one’s eyes. I recollect reading about Mr Apantaku in one of Mr Bolaji’s books; and critic Mzwandile Soqaga also mentions Apantaku in some of his essays. The young writers should learn from this – how difficult it was for even very talented African writers to get published many years ago. Now it’s so easy that youngsters can no longer even appreciate…

  9. Soqaga Says:

    Another sentimental tribute to kunle, i learnt about him in in the book, my
    life and literature. he was Bolaji’s best friend and hapless it happened
    that his dreams of being a writer be shattered. one of the saddest
    thing is that both your books at your young age never got published
    after empty promises were made by the publisher. yet what is good is
    Bolaji never forsook him as a successful author of more than 25
    books even at this time when mourning for his death is still fresh in
    your mind. no doubt kunle was magnificent. if this misfortune never
    involved in his life, kunle apantaku was going to be among the young
    writers that africa ever produced. The tributes, and award in his memory reminds me sol plaatjie motswana. i am
    certain kunle where he is now is happy. may his soul rest in peace.
    robala ka kagisho moafrica.

  10. Tunji Apantaku Says:

    This is a message for us all ,if you’re good, you will die but if you die the good you did will not die , it’s good to be good . May his soul rest in peace , Thank you all .