January 11, 2014

carl wilson on the kalahari surfers

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first published here: http://www.randomhouse.ca/hazlitt/feature/avant-apartheid-south-african-protest-punk-dangerous-time

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  1. Kirsten stone Says:

    Lovely, thank you. I hadn’t even thought about it being revolutionary just to mix music genres. Kalahari Surfers were the first music to really catch my notice when I married a South African and started to hear their music and learn their culture and history.

    Then Segerman put Fokofpolisiekar on his web site back in 2003, and my husband put it on his music shuffle, and it climbed from there into my subconscious, singing in Afrikaans. Punk in style, to start with, though they wander a lot in genre. Saying what I really think better than you can in my native language, often enough, which has been thought-provoking. They became the frontmen for a lovely little culture revolution much like our sixties, though no one here knows about it.

    But they know Die Antwoord now. The buzz at burning man was Afrikaburn. Perhaps we will catch up on some of the cultural history we missed, learn about Warrick Sony and Voelvry as well as Rodriguez.

    And there is you, here, discovering Sony in Montreal.I wonder how many other places the music with its beautifully subversive ideas is leaking past our weird cultural firewall. Americans have no idea there were white anti-apartheid activists. Or that you could get arrested for that, there.

    Like a one-way mirror, they know about us, but we don’t know about them. Koos Kombuis wrote a lovely little song over losing Cobain, but Kurt never knew Koos existed. Might have cheered him a bit, if he had. Or if he had known about Sony.

    It’s nice to see cracks in the one-way mirror, music leaking through. Thanks for the lovely article, and for the smile it gives me to hear it from someone else. Sony is a hero people should know, you’ve done a lovely job of explaining why.