March 8, 2017

Houellebecq on sex

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As he masticated his cereal with added vitamins, he thought about the Faustian nature of sexual pursuit, its vampirism. For example, thought Bruno, people are wrong to talk about homosexuals. He had never – or very rarely – met a homosexual; on the other hand, he knew a great many pederasts. Some pederasts – thankfully, very few – prefer little boys; they wind up in prison for a long stretch and no one ever talks about them again. Most pederasts, however, are attracted to youths of between 15 and 25. Anyone older than that is, to them, simply an old, dried-up arsehole. Watch two old queens together, Bruno liked to say, watch them closely: they may be fond of one another; they may be affectionate, but do they really want each other? No. As soon as some tight 15-25-year-old arse walks past, they will tear each other apart like panthers; they will rip each other to pieces just for that tight little arse; that is what Bruno thought.

In this, as in many things, so-called homosexuals had led the way for society as a whole, thought Bruno. Take him, for example – he was 42 years old. Did he want women his own age? Absolutely not. On the other hand, for young pussy wrapped in a mini-skirt he was prepared to go to the ends of the earth.

Michel Houellebecq


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