May 8, 2017

notes to a literary friend

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I guess the question I need to ask you about your text is, why the notes on the bottom of the pages which occasionally explicate a source you have used, or a meaning, or a context? In a sense those notes confuse the issue of whether this is academic writing or fiction. In a sense they also come across as if you do not have the confidence in your reader to really “get” you. And it seems quite arbitrary to me. You choose to give notes to certain words or sources and not others? Why not the others? It’s as if you have one foot in presumed academia and one foot in creative composition and you don’t quite know exactly where you want to stand.

I would say if you want to be willfully obscure just become an academic and hang yourself now. On the other hand if you want to write fiction drop the academic buzz and write for the jugular, and if people don’t get it, that’s their problem, and the academic vultures will find all the sources later anyway and cover your corpse with the dead articles eventually.

aryan kaganof

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