August 24, 2017

one for the shit eaters

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After this prolonged silence, an idea started inwardly
arousing me – a-stupid, hateful idea; as though
all of a sudden my life was at stake; or, given the circumstances,
more than my life. So, seething with fever,
I told her in a tone of demented irritation, ” Listen to
me, Xenie.” I began ranting, for no reason, I was frantic.
“You’ve been involved in literary goings-on. You
must have read De Sade. You must have found De Sade
fantastic. Just like the others. People who admire De
Sade are con artists, do you hear? Con artists!”
She looked at me in silence. She didn’t dare speak.
I went on, “I’m so irritated, I’m so infuriated, I’m so
done in I don’t know what I’m saying – but why did
they do that to De Sade? ”
I almost shouted, ” Did any of them eat shit? Yes or

Bataille, Blue of Noon

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