September 12, 2017

Medea, falling…

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a poor image reconstruction by Nicola Deane
South Africa, September 2017

Synopsis: “The poor image tends towards abstraction: it is a visual idea in its very becoming.” Hito Steyerl

Edited by Kaganof & Deane

Appropriated texts:

1. Something Wild (Garfein: 1961)

2. Remix collection of Aryan Kaganof: Venus Emerging (2004); courtesy of DOMUS (Documentation Centre for Music, University of Stellenbosch)


1. Derived from The Dreams (1964) – an Invention for Radio by Delia Derbyshire (of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop) in collaboration with poet and dramatist Barry Bermange.

2. Signal To Noise (1997); courtesy of DOMUS )Documentation Centre for Music, University of Stellenbosch)

Nicola Deane is an artist currently researching her PhD at Stellenbosch University – Decentering the Archive: Visual Fabrications of Sonic Memories – an interdisciplinary practice-based project that involves translating music related documents from an archive in the music department (DOMUS) into visual media for a conceptual art installation.

2017 Medea, falling… a poor image reconstruction (7:33)
2017 “Through the ear, we shall enter the invisibility of things.”
2017 The Post-Medium Condition (3:11)
2011 In Media Res (8:03)
2011 Portrait of the Artist, Thanking Her Detractors (00:54)
2010 Code Desire (5:37)

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