January 29, 2018

Luzuko Elvis Bekwa – Goodbye Blues for Bra’ Hugh

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UMbizo uthi ulikhalisile ixilongo Masekela.
UTodd Matshikiza uthi hamba kahle bra Hugh.
Abomngqungqo bathi uzusibulisele ke.
UProf CT Msimang uthi iAfrika ithi helethu wena uyintsizwa. Uyibekile induku ebandla
How deep is this pain
Is the sun really set? DUDU? untyilontyilo?
I glanced at Barbara Masekela popped out big eyes and her tears teared my heart like a double edged dagger .
Kufa luphi ulwamvila lakho
But bra Hugh left us with HOPE of joy . PHOLA
Neither Marsalis nor Armstrong, Gillespie nor Shepp can surpass
But equalise the timbre and perfection of bra Hugh
Cry my beloved country
This is no poem nor tribute nor ode nor epitaph nor homage nor lament
But a howl from the wilderness.
An ancestral shrill , a spiritual moaning moaning the fall of this baobab tree
Will the birds build their nests ?
Walil’umzi akwatyiwa madoda
In this hour of the people Kagiso Lediga has managed to console us with trumpets of humongous laughter
Taking us down the memory lane
We laughed and cheered and sung and danced and joked and lived.
Kufa luphi uloyiso lwakho
UNduduzo Makhathini uthi malikhal’icilongo mayihambe levangeli
At night when I look at the galaxy the stars twinkling . The cosmos in it’s majestic splendour I will surely spot you bra hugh
And the saints will come marching

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