February 1, 2018

on noise, music and philosophy

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Alas, we do hear noise, we can no longer act as though we and God alone inhabit the world; we are assailed by moaning, shouting, sobbing and supplications long before we arrive at meaning; we must therefore compose music at every moment in order to survive, feel, take part in conversations – as we do so we must expose ourselves to beasts and Sirens, to the dispersal of things, of the group and of our very limbs, to the Bacchantes. Without this background production containing the background noise, nothing else will hold together; nothing in the world, no one in the collective; not the senses, not the arts, not the parts of the body. Music precedes philosophy, no one can give themselves over to the latter without passing through the former.
Michel Serres
The Fives Senses

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