August 31, 2017

Stones Again reviewed by Vuyokazi Ngemntu Dejavu Tafari Yajitorro

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December 18, 2010

dylan muhlenberg on stones again

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October 21, 2010

derek davey on stones again

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May 24, 2009

Bad critics, good drink and young women

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Citizen Kohen; The Freedom Fighter; Stones Again
Aryan Kaganof
2004, Pine Slopes Publications

Reviewed by Trevor Steele-Taylor

The ever prolific Aryan Kaganof’s latest publications (as apart from an array of new films) are, as ever, self-reflective diaries; narratives formulated from ceaseless notetaking, filtered through carnal nets of young girls, alcohol and cinema and guided through the maelstrom by the philosophers Hegel, Nietzsche and Wittgenstein.

Citizen Kohen is a truly breathtaking work. A book on cinema to rival Tarkovsky’s Sculpting in Time and equally a book of lies, which creates a myth where cinema is intrinsic along the lines of Stephan Laws’ Demoniac, Tim Lucas’s Throat Sprockets and the classic of them all, Theodore Roszak‘s Flicker.

Citizen Kohen is a filmmaker who, travelling internationally to film festivals as an honoured, if badly behaved guest, slips into the roles of assassin, seducer and philosopher. That which surrounds the narrative is what really matters. The progress of Kohen’s travels is interrupted by film reviews and analyses written by fictitious critics with names concocted from slight alterations to the names of the living. These analyses generally involve a film by the title of Femme de Siecle, a film directed by Kaganof’s previous embodiment, Ian Kerkhof, as a homage to the Spanish director, Jesus Franco. The film does exist. A crystalline meditation on the feet of a girl as she ascends a staircase to indulge in vampiric fellatio. The film being analysed though, does not bear any relation to the film as it exists and references all manner of other Kaganof/Kerkhof productions, including those, which do not exist.

The joke of jokes is the vast filmography, which concludes the book. Some films listed really exist. A good deal of them don’t. Many will never. Some will in time.


With The Freedom Fighters, Rimbaud stands at Kaganof’s elbow as he anguishes over turning 40. A slim volume of poetry, beautifully produced by the Amsterdam-based illuseum press, the brief verses take us on a journey through low budget eateries and sexual episodes with Joan of Arc, escaping the process of ageing and, more importantly feeling the scorn of Rimbaud who, by that age had given up poetics altogether for the more fulfilling epiphany of criminal activity.

“He finishes typing the manuscript of his fictional autobiography and realises that he has not written a novel”
Kaganof’s intrinsic romanticism is doom laden to be sure. Shedding tears over growing old is a difficult river to cross safely (and joyfully) and his memories of women veer from the blunt (“I once fucked a girl in Beaufort West”) to the visionary (“In my dream, a naked woman drove my car without her seatbelt on”) but the lesson is Rimbaud’s once again with support from Wittgenstein – Silence – “without Rimbaud’s silence there is no Beckett. Not yet mature enough for silence, Kaganof writes poems in shabby bars – entertaining the teenage waitresses”.

Stones Again, Kaganof’s most recent opus is the follow on from this. By no means silent, but without a plot, he sits in a shabby bar (Stones, on the right side of Main Road, Melville, Johannesburg, going up and on the left, going down), entertaining the teenage waitresses with his notes, observing alcoholic delirium tremens, cocaine-fuelled visits to the toilet and young girls playing pool. Wittgenstein will not leave him alone and neither will the obsession with turning 40.

The narrative is divided by brief haikus called Shooters (the concocted drink guaranteed to land one on the floor – 12 certainly would to even the stoutest stomach). Kagonof sits on his barstool and the interminable bustle of meaninglessness goes on around him. He would never pursue a conversation with a girl (be she barmaid or waitress) who had never heard of Wittgenstein, but, the pre-finale of the book involves teenage waitress, Nina slicking her tongue deep into his mouth, unrepulsed by his prophylactic tooth-brace. Is it a dream or is it not? Does it matter? Has she heard of Wittgenstein? Forty is just around the corner.

If viewed as a sub-Bukowski presentation of alcoholic eternity, Stones Again comes a trifle short, but that is clearly what this book is not. It is a book about the failure to construct sense (plot) out of senselessness (life). He says so himself:

“Kaganof has failed. He finishes typing the manuscript of his fictional autobiography and realises that he has not written a novel. There is no plot.”

Trevor Steele-Taylor is co-director of the Cape Town Film Festival

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April 19, 2009

Shooting at Jhb pool bar

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05/11/2007 07:55 – (SA)

Johannesburg – The manager of the Melville pool bar, Stones, and a motorist have been wounded in a shooting, Johannesburg police said on Sunday.

Captain Bheki Mavundla said a man who was refused entry to the bar after it closed on Saturday night opened fire on the female manager in the parking lot, wounding her in the legs.

He was arrested while trying to drive away in his Toyota Yaris, he said, adding that he would appear in the Johannesburg Magistrate’s Court on Monday on a charge of attempted murder.

The woman’s condition was not known.

Mavundla said the man’s friends, who were also refused entry, also fled, shooting a motorist in the upper body while hijacking his Volkswagen Golf at the nearby Boulevard shopping centre.

The wounded motorist was in a serious condition in hospital.

Mavundla said the car was later found abandoned in Coronationville.


February 19, 2009

a message from elaine hurford about 12shooters

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The last line of the intro to your book you have just sent me is the best-placed line of truly indigenous South African scatology I have ever read! I’m still laughing.

June 17, 2007

from max nemtsov’s journal

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1:30 pm – just so stories
поскольку работать уже сил нет ну просто никаких человеческих, попробую упомнить список отчетногопрочтенного за прочетныйотчетный период, как делают приличные и культурные люди:

– mike segretto. the bride of trash. это производство полюбленного в последнем франкфурте бруклинского издательства contemporary press (да, тех самых авторов форменной маечки fuck literature.) вполне мило и отвратительно, но майки все равно лучше

– kyril bonfiglioli. the great mortdecai moustache mystery. это четвертая книга про чарли маккабрея, вышедшая сильно посмертно и “дописанная” неким крейгом брауном. дописка выглядела так: бонфильоли успел написать 19 глав, потом не успел, потом написал последнюю. некто крейг браун сочинил типа-20-ю-главу. лучше б он этого не делал, конечно: смотрится так, будто лео каганов пишет пародию на мураками – глупо и не смешно. 19 глав же читаются так, что просто ах. я не знаю пока, как это переводить

– кстати, о кагановых. aryan kaganof. stones again. книжка, подаренная тришей уорден (коя теперь известна под фамилией провост, что смешно само по себе) как образец “новой искренности”, что ли. короткие истории из жизни йобургского бара “камешки” (птушто каганоф – писатель-поэт-кинематографист-художник южноафриканский), перемежаемые стишками довольно графоманского наполнения. читано за экзотичность и птушто тришин подарок. прочих достоинств нет

– зато другой ее подарок – jack womack. random acts of senseless violence – крышку таки сносит. примерно антиутопия о недалеком будущем (во внутренних джунглях ну-яка), записанная в дневник 12-летней девочкой. самое завораживающе6е – как постепенно к концу книги у лиргероини распадается даже сам язык. книга просто великая, хоть метода и проверенная – микс маргарет этвуд и ребекки годфри, наверное и примерно

– richard adams. watership down. это офигеть как хорошо (да, я знаю, что медленный и такое надо было читать в детстве, но проглотил за каникулярную неделю посреди парижских прогулок). кроличий властелин колец такой. я, кстати, насчитал примерно два перевода на русский и один пересказ. какой лучше ребенку давать? пересказ, наверное, не надо?

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July 22, 2006

stones again

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By the way, I reread Stones, Again recently and have revised my earlier unenthused opinion of it. I like it, it is a damn good book, sadder and more personal than some of your others. I think at first the episodic structure put me off – and the shooter poems – though I still think the shooter poems could have been reduced.
gary cummiskey