December 10, 2017

KAY K LEMENEMENE – Only in Mzansi…

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Only in Mzansi bethuna. Today the sleepy township of Rocklands aka States, as in the USA. (States being a derogatory name bestowed on this dusty township of ours by those from even dustier townships because residents of Rocklands used to be known for liking things back in the day, especially American music and clothes. Hence the name States) today Rocklands woke up to the chilling news of a gruesome killing in the area. Naturally we all rushed to the scene – a mixture of curiosity and fear I suppose, otherwise why would so many people ruin their Sunday morning by going to view a dismembered body? I wondered upon seeing the crowd that had gathered there so early in the AM, even Tshepo aka the Drunken master was there already. Now Tshepo is famous for 2 things and 2 things only: 1) He never gets out of bed until well after noon each day, unless there is a function where alcohol flowed freely nearby, in which case he is the 1st to show up the next day. Mind you he is also 99,99% likely to have been the last person to leave the previous night or early morning depending on how well the booze flowed 2) He suffers from a chronic hangover. Not even his own mother can recall the last time Tshepo woke up and did not announce that he has a headache/s’tlama. Amazingly he too was up and already on the scene with a brown bottle in hand as is the norm with Rocklands people. The master as we have come to call him, was busy bumming ciggies off smokers and hustling others for ‘spare change’ as he calls it. As to how he came to the conclusion that coins on other people are ‘spare chnge’ we may never ever know. Gape only a few people have enough patience to spend more than 30 seconds talking to the master. Exactly for this reason I avoid him totally if I can and why I went to stand on the opposite side of the crowd far away from him & praying he doesn’t spot me.


And yes, sure enough there on the ground was the blood soaked body, the blood had completely dried up indicating the incident had taken place much earlier in the morning or sometime late last night…a 30-ish aged unknown male lay on the ground with a panga plunged in the back of his neck and his hands wrapped around its handle.

The police were there by the time I arrived. In all honesty I am not one for waking up before the sun rises, so I was still in dreamland when Pitso aka Express (as people call him behind his back) woke me up. I wasn’t sure of the veracity of the news he delivered when he came knocking on my door, admittedly I only came to the scene because I wanted to verify if my friend was telling the truth or lying. Pitso is not called Express for nothing, he has demonstrated an uncanny ability to spread neighbourhood gossip, fibs, real and fake news alike with unmatched consistency over the years. A skill that seems to elevate when he needs a favour, which inexplicably always involves lending him money or buying him alcohol. Anyhow.

Standing over the body were 4 policemen, detectives I would later learn. They seemed engaged in a heated debate regarding the case, so I went closer to try and make sense of what they were saying. The older of the 4 men – a certain detective sergent Gakabonasepe said – ‘this is a classic open and shut case. Gentlemen I am sure we can all agree that this is a suicide here’ – he said wiping dirt from his spectacles before returning them to their position on his face.

*I looked at the dead body in amazement, suicide njani exactly? Who stabs himself in the back of the head to commit suicide? How can such a senior looking cop deduce this to be a suicide? I quipped in total disbelief. I had hoped he would see things more clearly after he put his glasses back on but no such luck*

Another cop shook his head vehemently in disagreement with detective Gakabonasepe. Detective Nneteyababa, I knew him. Still shaking his head and pointing at the blood trail and an extra pair of footsteps around the body he said – “look here. See the blood trail moving away from the body? Most likely to be the killer’s blood. Forensics will have to take samples. No, this is not a suicide. It cannot be a suicide. Impossible. We have murder case here gentlemen. plain and simple. The killer must be found and be brought to book.”

Detective Nneteyababa is a bastard I knew from my days of selling counterfeit clothing and accessories, he is a no nonsense cop who doesn’t take kindly to any transgression of the laws of the state. I was to learn this the hard way when I tried to offer him a ‘parcel’. Got me 5 year suspended jail time for my troubles and a hefty fine that put my operation to bed instantly. I hated his guts, it had been many moons since our running but I discovered in this moment that I still detested his guts and his upright incorruptible work ethic. Funny enough I admired him for this at this particular moment in time though. Weird.

*personally I agreed with his views on the matter at hand. This was obviously a scene of a heartless murder not suicide as detective Gakabonasepe tried to convince his colleagues*

The debate between the law enforcement agents went on for about a good hour with the 4 men failing to find common ground. The debate was so consuming even the gathered crowd began to be divided, others holding the view that this was indeed a murder, pointing out the obvious signs to back up their claim. And the other half dead set against this notion, presenting opposing evidence to back up the suicide version. Some even going as far as saying ‘Rocklands is such a peaceful area murder is virtually unheard of in these parts, so no way can this be one. This death must be and is in fact indeed self inflicted. The other 2 detectives who had been part of the discussion were to later come up with a ‘solution’ a compromise of sorts – they proposed that this could very well be both a murder-suicide after all. They suggested that perhaps the victim tried to rob an innocent passerby and was overpowered (explaining the presence of the 2nd set of footprints at the scene) and that when cornered the dead victim-would be robber plunged his own panga in the back of his own neck to avoid capture or perhaps did so accidentally as he raised his hand to stab the innocent passerby. Now this was of course pure speculation and a version of events not supported by available evidence before us on the scene. But the 4 detectives agreed that this interpretation of the available evidence was plausible and not so unrealistic as to be ruled out entirely, they agreed among themselves that this was to be how the investigation was to be approached going forward – it will be investigated as a murder-suicide. That there was no evidence to support this compromise version did not matter, unity/common ground between policemen counted more than finding and capturing the killer or finding justice for the deceased or his family. Unity was determined to be more important than doing the right thing.

A large section of the gathered crowd seemed to agree with this version as well. Many people already passing it on to others as fact, Pitso leading the way naturally. Pretty soon most of the neighborhood was celebrating the death/execution of a dangerous panga wielding robber found dead in the street. I walked back home with a heavy heart. The community had once again opted to believe comforting lies over the bitter truth, that we have a killer or killers in our mist and the police, whose job is to enforce the law and bring those who break it to book, had chosen to put their own ‘unity’ before the interests of the community they have sworn to protect.

That bethuna is not just the story of Rockhood and one dead body with a panga in the back of its neck, this here is the reality we have to contend with in sunny Mzansi under the current leadership of the anc – Obvious wrongs are presented as right in pursuit of some undefined greater good and lies are passed on as facts to protect compromised “leaders”. In this version of events obvious good is tainted with fabrications and falsehoods to demonize virtuous leaders of society. In the meantime we the people are left to debate the nonsensical and entertain the absurd to avoid facing the obvious truth that we the people are dying, the country is being stolen by a kleptomaniac cabal.

They will be selecting leadership from their rank and file next week, I am not holding my breath these people are beyond saving. Their movement is corrupt to the core, rendering it incapable of making selfless decisions for the greater good of WE THE PEOPLE…

This is not a suicide or a suicide/murder…this is an obvious murder that demands a proper investigation to find the culprit, not a compromised solution to appease individuals at the expense of allowing a killer or killers get away with murder. We are led by incapable people who ordinarily wouldn’t and shouldn’t be trusted to lead crèche children to cross the road. Is it not the time to tell it like it is bethuna?

Originally posted on Facebook. Re-posted here with kind permission of the author.

October 31, 2017

Matthew Pateman on Aryan Kaganof’s Acinema and the limits of Lyotard’s cinematic writing

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first published here: https://patemanponders.blogspot.co.za/2017/08/aryan-kaganofs-acinema-and-limits-of.html

September 27, 2017


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“If music affects snakes, it is not on account of the spiritual notions it offers them, but because snakes are long and coil their length upon the earth, because their bodies touch the earth at almost every point; and because the musical vibrations which are communicated to the earth affect them like a very subtle, very long massage.”
Antonin Artaud

September 20, 2017

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August 8, 2017

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August 7, 2017

the eyes of a masturbator

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July 2, 2017

nietzsche – on artists and inspiration

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June 8, 2017

a revelation

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something else about having a child

it really relativizes the work

no matter how important an editing deadline is, it is NEVER as important as changing the nappies

changing the smelly nappies is SACRED

getting the baby to STOP crying is more important than anything the editing table has to offer

this was a huge revelation for me

May 28, 2017

Mick Raubenheimer – The Encounters interview


first published here: https://weekendspecial.co.za/interview-aryan-kaganof/

May 19, 2017


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May 8, 2017

notes to a literary friend

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I guess the question I need to ask you about your text is, why the notes on the bottom of the pages which occasionally explicate a source you have used, or a meaning, or a context? In a sense those notes confuse the issue of whether this is academic writing or fiction. In a sense they also come across as if you do not have the confidence in your reader to really “get” you. And it seems quite arbitrary to me. You choose to give notes to certain words or sources and not others? Why not the others? It’s as if you have one foot in presumed academia and one foot in creative composition and you don’t quite know exactly where you want to stand.

I would say if you want to be willfully obscure just become an academic and hang yourself now. On the other hand if you want to write fiction drop the academic buzz and write for the jugular, and if people don’t get it, that’s their problem, and the academic vultures will find all the sources later anyway and cover your corpse with the dead articles eventually.

aryan kaganof

May 3, 2017

@visions du reel

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April 29, 2017


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To experiment is not to seek a definite result.
If you seek a definite result, experimental cinema is not possible.
If you know what you want, the going after it is not experimentation.
Aryan Kaganof
29 April 2017

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April 7, 2017

Sizwe Mpofu-Walsh on Free Education

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March 15, 2017

Olivier Ledure on the Jazz films of Aryan Kaganof

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March 8, 2017

Fred de Vries on Hectic!

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Aryan Kaganof, previously known as filmmaker Ian Kerkhof, offered his debut Hectic! to various established publishing houses – in vain. ‘We can’t publish this book, they said, because we’re not sophisticated enough to read it, because we’ll think you’re an AWB-writer. I couldn’t believe it’, says Kaganof. He then ended up publishing it himself, followed by a Dutch translation.

With Hectic! Kaganof further penetrated the literary space that Coetzee had opened up. He wrote an anti-moralistic novel that is set in Cape Town, and deals with the subculture of young people who hang out in pool halls. That’s where Kaganof found the essence of the white South African. ‘The whites in this country are all white trash. No European who was on any level a worthwhile human being came into this country. The shit, the detritus and the dirt came here and invented the Negro, the kaffer, because then they could feel better about themselves. So if you want to find those things out you have to go to the lower classes, because that’s the history of the country, all the rest is affectation. Culture is very skin-deep with the white South Africans, all ersatz culture. Real South African culture is fighting and drinking and sports.’

He wanted to get to the heart of a subculture he was part of. ‘There was no other mission. To show people as they really are, not these people talking political things of change and all this rubbish. And nothing about guilt from the past. Most of the people I know live their life and don’t give a fuck about anything. They’re pissed off with all that shit.’

Despite this unwelcoming literary climate, there has been a steady stream of young post-apartheid writers, even though it’s too early to talk of a movement. ‘I could come up with a beautiful, coherent story’, says author Etienne van Heerden, who teaches creative writing at the University of Cape Town. ‘But the truth of the matter is that everything is still in a ferment, everything is very complex, and everything has a counterargument. This is the first literary generation that doesn’t write in opposition, a generation that has to search for subject matter and that is very cynical about involvement. A generation that, contrary to us, the Tachtigers, isn’t issue driven.’

January 13, 2017

anarchy is not chaos

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don’t confuse anarchy with chaos

what appears good for the herd is, mostly, not even good for the herd, and certainly, almost never, good for the truly individuated soul that does not identify with the herd

herd mentality is fear made manifest in regulatory systems that almost always oppress individual choice

anarchism is listening to the inner voice that is always true for the individual and, therefore, always true and best for other individuals because the inner voice is the real self-regulation of all beings that is thwarted by oppressively enforced systemic thinking and being (power).

aryan kaganof
13 january 2017

December 4, 2016

notes on inequality

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i was brought up with the understanding that inequality was the bedrock upon which we based out lives, our “good fortune”. and later in life, when i look back at my history of rebellion against this idea, it seems to me that the “rebellion” too is inextricably built into the privilege, is in fact, an extreme form of it. what to do? i don’t know. leave it to the kids i suppose. now that the sex drive has diminished and i am really just waiting for the box none of it seems that urgent any more, the urgency is relegated to them now…

oh god, as soon as one writes anything down one is trapped, isn’t it so? the thoughts of a moment get cemented and appear on paper as if one really believed this stuff, but a moment later, after a coffee and a wank, i might write something altogether different and feel the complete opposite of what i just felt…

another day in the life of a middle aged white man…

December 3, 2016

You’re In Chains Too

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first published here: https://wordnsoundlivelit.wordpress.com/2016/11/17/youre-in-chains-too-solidarity-concert/

November 29, 2016

on other people’s writing about my work

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I have a somewhat rigid approach to writing about the work, whether it be critical of favourable or complimentary or scathing – I hold it all at a distance. I am not yet mature enough to not read it at all (I think that only comes with great maturity and self-confidence) but I am just old enough to know that it is vital not to get taken “off course” by other people’s opinions or takes on the works. By which I don’t mean to sound churlish, but to convey to you something of the distance at which I read about my work (although I do still want to read what is written). It is paradoxical and I have not solved this yet.

October 1, 2016

Thinking Africa October 2016

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September 26, 2016

r.i.p. herschell gordon lewis

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aryan kaganof with herschell gordon lewis, l’etrange festival, paris, 2002

September 20, 2016

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crackheads beware

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