February 9, 2016

MLUNGISI NGUBANE on The White Born Frees

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Let us understand one thing. Their grandparents and parents are blood suckers, so what gives us the idea that these young parasites will eat grass and not us blacks?

The grass is for goats and cows etc. I say there is no white who is a vegetarian, because she or he had taken that choice of being a vegetarian based on that s/he has enough of black meat and its black blood. She despises the fact the s/he is fat because of the black blood.

When you see a white buy a car or roaming at the malls, just know that it is because of black blood-sucking. You see them having a braai – it’s your blood. See a fat one – it’s your blood.

If you think i am unreasonable, then please think, and i am serious, think.

How is it that a white man came with no mine but he owns them now? How is it that Africa is the richest continent but has the highest rate of poverty? How is it that we live in shacks when we are citizens of Africa? Is it the case in England that the English are living in shacks? Are there shacks in Europe?

Why is it we as blacks don’t own a thing? But owe everything?

I shall add – let us think please.


The malnutrition in Africa of our children is ironic and at once a reality. how can a rich continent be a poor continent? This is sad.

Tell me that i am failing to take responsibility and blaming whites for my misfortunes, but why are we blacks the only misfortuned race? Why it only blacks? Yes i know you will say we are lazy but i have travelled to many farms where i have only seen a white farmer giving instructions to blacks and not doing a thing, so is not doing a thing hardworking?

You will say it is education that we lack but how do we make it in education when i had no shoes no uniform – mostly no food? Am i given a fair chance? Why is god quiet about this? God is neutral in sufferings shall we pray to him? Is he white?

because i have prayed in sotho-tshawana xhosa zulu.


February 3, 2016

AZANIAN DAUGHTER on the shifting legacy of Mandela

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Screen shot 2016-02-03 at 12.46.06 PM

I welcome the shift from the hagiography of Mandela to a critical evaluation of his legacy. The younger I was very much mesmerised by Mandela, looking back now I can say that I have placed Mandela on a pedestal.

Black people feel that Mandela has failed them and they can rightfully state he did. When I go home to the dirty ghetto, I wonder how the policy of reconciliation has benefited the poor black people AND this question is amplified when black students were protesting against injustices, racism and inequality on Stellenbosch University that the racist core of white students revealed itself.

Even though reconciliation and forgiveness was prioritised when Mandela was in office in 1994, race relations have not improved but deteriorated. When I go home and witness the perpetuation of black bodies being humiliated, I don’t blame people when they state Mandela shielded whiteness at the expense of the poor black. I am still trying to wrap my head around how Mandela went from this black radical that was unapologetic to the Mandela that allowed only the Talented Ten and benefactors of apartheid to be rewarded.

nelson mandela with spice girls and prince charles

Land redistribution is a priority, not ‘willing-seller, willing-buyer’ because black people of Azania did not willingly give up their land to colonialists, imperial and capitalistic pigs.

Black people remain to be at the bottom of society and why? Because without our land we are nothing, it is our land that restores our dignity.

Black people are saying that the prioritisation of reconciliation didn’t benefit us because after 1994 only 8% of land has been bought and 80% of the land is owned by white people. For F#@$ sakes, my white liberal friend boasted about her uncle owning 7 farms.

Azania is occupied because of the reformation of apartheid and those who shield capitalist, imperial pigs.

January 26, 2016

WE’RE DONE TALKING TO WHITES – a message from pastor skosana

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We should stop fooling ourselves, bending over backwards trying to explain ourselves to white people. We have done enough talking in this country, we have four Nobel Peace Laureates to prove our stupidity. We have written long winded speeches to impress upon whites that South Africa is an abnormal society.

Black People have taken to social media in thousands if not millions, using every possible form of communication, from allegory to poetry, including well researched articles and statistics, graphic images of the many dimensions and multi-layers of Black Pain, to no avail.

We change our statuses on Facebook everyday to try and expose the evil of White Power and the preservation of White Previlege only to be blocked and to invite hate mail and death threats by Right Wing private military groups that are given free reign by our government. When we decide to protect ourselves, our children and our communities we are going to be branded terrorists and open ourselves up to further scrutiny and surveillance by the National Intelligence and its allies in the first world, whose interest is white peace at all cost

I challenge Black People to join me and unfriend all whites on social media, exclude them from all conversations about the state of Blackness and what we must do about it.

Whites must talk to themselves and leave us the hell alone to figure out what we must do next to get out of the stranglehold of white power.

Whites must only be taken seriously when they have committed a class and cultural suicide. No liberal white should be taken seriously including those who led the Anti Corruption and Zuma Must Fall marches for as long as they live to preserve their state of privilege. When they talk to black people it must only be in the vernacular, a language spoken by the indigenous people of that particular region.

Only when they have registered their children in overcrowded government schools are worth listen to. Only when they stand in line in a government hospital, and fill long lines for governemt grants are they worth any meaningful conversation.

This is not a hate speech or racism, it is a call for Blacks to isolate whites in matters that relate to Blackness in order for whites to have time to themselves and talk about what is the collateral damage of their daily existence in this country.

For 350 years we talked , we lobbyied, we negotiated, we begged, we threatened, we even prayed to a white god , we supported an all-white rugby team and an-all white cricket team. What do we have to show for it other than the 16 shacks, which burnt to ashes yesterday at KTC, leaving Black families in absolute devastation.

We have nothing to show for all the rhetoric but pain, sickness, unemployment, homelessness and landlessness.

The Black Middle class have bankrolled indebted lives with an appearance of success. This can not continue!

White people only know the language of the Empire, the language of power and preservation. It comes couched in reasonableness. Our demands must nolonger be reasonable to an unreasonable system of white power and privilege. We must demand what the system cannot deliver and expect repression, our only fuel for the revolution.

When they offer 6% or 0% increase in University fees we must demand Free Quality Education.

When they offer market related or inflation bound salary increment in the mining sector, let us insist on R12 500

When they offer allowences in the farms, let us demand nothing less than ownership of the land we till

Whatever the system offers, we want more because we are worth more!

January 21, 2016

THANDO JOKA and LaSha on the comfort of saviour whites

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“I think most white people are nice to black people to avoid the label of racist. They, like many of us, have been conditioned to believe that if you’re nice to black people, you can’t be called racist.”
“We have to stop looking at racism as overt, simple and angry. Most racism is covert, layered and nice….It’s a white teacher at a public school with 100% black student population feeling like she’s a savior.”
“Racist white people will betray that trust you put into their attitude instead of their action.” – LaSha

There are many of White people like this in our University. Who are pure racist and hide behind “doing good for a few Blacks” and as for those of us Black people who don’t buy their bullshit [and they know it], we constantly have to be on guard with our protective shields, as the Blind Blacks benefit through us; because to them, transformation means fitting into the set limit of how far Whiteness is willing to be uncomfortable with Black people being themselves in this “Inclusive” space.

First published on Facebook
Re-posted with kind permission of Thando Joka

January 19, 2016

FRANK FANON on what WHITENESS really is.

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White people today like to talk about how they are post-racial and liberal and whatever else and many Black people believe this rhetoric or at least don’t make any real efforts to critically engage with it.

Whiteness is death.

And Until enough of us stop acquiescing to it, we will keep getting taken for mugs.

‘Behavioral scientists generally agree that the outstanding characteristic of the psychopathic personality are the almost complete absence of ethical or moral development and an almost total disregard for appropriate patterns of behavior. This characteristic has led to a misunderstanding of the psychopath, i.e., a belief that they do not know the difference between right and wrong. It is untrue — psychopaths simply ignore the concept. By ignoring this trait in the White race (the lack of ethical and moral development) Blacks have made and are still making a tragic mistake in basing the worldwide Black liberation movement on moral suasion. It is pathological for Blacks to keep attempting to use moral suasion on a people who have no morality where race is the variable.’
– Dr. Bobby E. Wright

first published as a Facebook post.
re-posted here by kind permission of the author

jesus sepulveda – the garden of peculiarities

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Every revolution has reforms while, without revolution, reforms never really take place. The means and the ends meet in a perpetual present in which reality, imagination, desire and its realization, art, and life coincide. In the same way, the dividing line that limits the imaginary and the symbolic orders, the organic and the structured, the animated and the totality is erased. This binary combination of different subjects— which generally impose a cover over the consciousness of the understanding of the world— falls apart when one perceives the tactic of immediacy as part of a global strategy. In the same way, the comprehension of totality as an interdependent whole erases the dividing line between liberty and fear, and chips away the shell that separates human beings from the natural world.

The notion of liberty is found on the earth. And behind the steel bars rises the unfortunate experience of the caged prisoner. The revolution must transform daily events into a form of ethics realized in a perennial present. This is a bit speculative, in that it is based in the ethical urgency of transformation. Immobility, in any case, pays homage to repression. Only movement liberates.

BRIAN IHIRWE KAMANZI on the real state of our nation

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Reading to and fros between the state, vice chancellors, activists in different sectors and academics weighing in here and there.. give the impression that the lesson from Animal Farm is that we may as well stick with the farmers we have because we will devolve into minority rule anyway- this I find to be an absurd position to hold as it can only really lead us to paralysis – which is where we are.. it’s becoming clearer that whoever has enough thrust behind them gets through the door.. justifications will be made post haste.

White people take the land, develop a legal system to entrench private property rights.

They set up an economy that is also designed to be sensitive to the undermining of private property rights (and rule of law to protect “order”) making it impossible for you to change programmes without taking bread off the tables of many discouraging resistance.

They implement a social engineering program based on an arbitrary 4 races thesis and turn the majority of the country into labour camps for their collective enrichment and build hierarchies between groups to further diffuse resistance efforts.

The majority of whites pretended to be hidden behind a veil and did not recognize what happened.

Now without state power those very same social engineers of apartheid reorganize in the private sector and capitalise on the lack of planning/capacity for the ruling party to fill the void of a major skills shortage.

And this is all okay, fair and fine or perhaps more truthfully there isn’t much you can do about it without facing the brunt of repression.

So, what must be done?

What other lesson are young people supposed to take other than the realisation that at the end of the day appealing to morality is a waste of time?? Without power you are singing in the wind asking for “moral” outcomes from structures that could care less.

And clearly with power you can write the history, entrench new rights through law and protect your ideology by a finely tuned economy to heavily discourage switching programmes.

After that your “law and order” instruments can do what they do best.

Is there any other realistic path than the one towards the state of the pigs in Orwell’s farm from where we are?

Maybe the issue is the very farm itself, hmm.

first published on Facebook
re-posted here with kind permission of the author

SOBANTU MZWAKALI on what black people are fighting for

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There is this false narrative that black people are fighting for equality.

That is not true.

We are not fighting for equality, we are fighting for our own liberation and justice.

To think that black people are fighting for ‘equality’ in a white supremacists system is to suggest that black people want to become equal to whiteness.

We don’t!

January 18, 2016


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1. When I say we Blacks are afraid of whites I don’t necessarily mean an individual Black person is afraid to engage in a physical confrontation with a white person.

2. Neither do I refer to our individual anxieties about colliding with a gang of drunk-young-white Batista-like rugby players, on a Saturday night, who might moer the last bit of Blackness out of you.

3. When I say Blacks are afraid of whites I refer to a neurotic paralysis which makes it possible for Blacks (even those in positions of authority),to automatically discipline their speech and make sure whatever comes of their mouths is manicured in such a way as not to offend whites.

4. I refer to the condition wherein in a Blacks only meeting, to discuss issues that concern the Black community, it is possible to have one Black person stand up and ask: ‘But what about white people?’.

5. I refer to the condition where in a discourse on the impact of the centuries-old white violence against the Black body – a highly certificated Black person can confidently say: ‘But we must also deal with Black racism’.

6. In a nutshell, I refer to that paralysing-all-consuming-undetectable mental violence which convinces Black people from birth that, unless white people approve what we think, say, what language we speak or how we speak it, how we sit, eat, smile, laugh, dance or dress-all these forms of being can’t be valid.

First published on Facebook by Sompisi Godide Mphemba.
Re-posted here with kind permission of Sompisi

January 12, 2016

GILLIAN SCHUTTE on neo-liberalism

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January 8, 2016

speeches of sobukwe

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Jesus Sepulveda – The Garden of Peculiarities

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John Trudell proposes the distinction between authority and power to allude to, on the one hand, the nature of the standardizing system embodied in civilization and its domesticating practices, and, on the other, the capacity for resistance against said system. In fact, all authoritarian practice has its roots in the notion of authority, which is nothing more than the exercise of power to subordinate and force obedience to hierarchy. Power is a means of repression that perpetrates authoritarianism.

Authority subdues through power. So authoritarian power is nothing more than the force that deludedly tries to utilize vital energy against life. Authority lacks power, but it utilizes force. Power, on the other hand, can be either authoritarian or liberating.

The structure of power perpetuates authority and irremediably neutralizes controls, tames and corrupts. Because of this, resistance against power using the same mechanisms as power can be disastrous for resistance movements. This has been the truthful and sad history of the national revolutions of political, social, or economic independence. Authority and power are locked in a vicious circle that snares every attempt to make the passage into open air. Curiously, in the corruption of power and loss of authority lies the force of energy. Corruption of power permits resistance to break the bewildering fence of authority, which is materialized through the arbitrariness of discourse, laws and rules. Its lack of consistence is its weakness. Because of this, in a liberated society the exercise of societal authority should be avoided at all cost. Whichever punishment or sentence culminates in imprisonment and deprivation of liberty of an individual tends to newly construct that authoritarian fence that the standardizing system has perfected through its ultra­sophisticated repressive techniques and from which has originated the present-day panoptic society of control.

In communities—or constellations of peculiarities— dispersed in the open air, power dissipates in force, becoming a means to action and mobility. This is the energy or black matter that, according to quantum physics, does not emit any kind of radiation and is distributed in a similar way to visible material—each one being aware of the presence of the other. Power and authority are worthless in the face of this cosmic energy force. The dilemma consists in not reproducing the dominant logic. Thus, ostracism is a group defense that does not damage the integrity of the free creation of constellations of peculiarities. The decision to expel for a period or permanently—in the case of irresolvable conflicts—a member of the community is much healthier and less threatening to the vital praxis than any other kind of punishment. There is an obvious contrast between ostracism and the aberration of executions—a horrific institutional practice of extermination, genocide and repression.

The means of action and mobility that the energy force is situated in come from the vitality that emanates from the planet and living beings. Their source is the very same nature that maintains all of the creatures that inhabit the earth-garden. It is, what’s more, a magnetic energy, concentrated and indestructible, and it can dismantle authority and the power structure without major effort. In the same way, thinking of the system as something powerful is laughable. The capacity to depose it is in our spirit. And not even all of its technical apparatus of intimidation, control and death can stop the avalanche of energizing force when it erupts. This is the true human power. It is needless to say that before life on this planet is extinguished by way of pollution and the irresponsibility of the present-day self-destructive model, all human traces—and certainly civilization itself—will disappear from the face of the earth. This will happen inexorably if we do not correct with absolute urgency the sinister direction assigned by the rudder of standardization. Otherwise, nothing will remain except for a pair of skulls in whose molars will be found an herbivorous nature with a carnivorous past.

January 7, 2016

WANELISA XABA on the 1652s

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“They had come in peace and humility. Knowing their lands could no longer sustain them, they sought out solice from lands far superior than their continent. They settled amongst the people of the fertile lands. They respected the nations and their cultures. They committed to unlearning what their forefathers had taught them about the land and private property. They learnt that the land was god. A breathing thing. They learnt that Nature was a mother in constant labour. The people taught them valuable lessons about humanity and community. And like clay jars, the strangers of the land cracked open and recieved. They did not disrupt the development of the civilization. They did not disrupt the evolution of the society or single handedly destroy their civilization. They never repayed kindness with wickedness. Understanding that Nature is a mother in constant labour, their hearts did not swell with greed and darkness. They did not lie and steal. They did not put knives on the necks of women and children to wipe out nations. They did not handcuff their hosts, put them on boats and sell them like goats. They revered humanity.

They understood themselves to be destitute outsiders in a bountiful land that never needed them. So they were given a portion of the land to till. They raised kids as tall as trees. They passed down those values. And those kids grew up with the integrity of their elders. They never claimed to own or have any superior knowledge of the traditions of the people. And when the people of the land quarrelled, they went into their houses and trusted the ways in which the people reconciled their differences. Civilization progressed for the people had their own technologies. And the land flourished. The people of the land were proud and generous. The people of the land were whole because they had their own gods.
The outsiders. The settlers did not need to see another’s humanity crumble to feel whole. So they thrived at a respectable difference and learnt the ways of communicating with people of the land in order to demonstrate respect. They taught their offspring the same respect. So the fruit of their loins did the same. After five hundred moon cycles, the offspring had not disgraced their ancestors. Because of the steadfast teachings of the ancestors, the children had not renamed the land after strange foriegn men. They did not elevate a strange language as the language the people of the land laid out their thoughts in. The children did not give the people of the land strange gods that resembled themselves. They did not walk on stolen lands as gods. They had no blood on their hands. They heard no screams when they laid their heads to sleep. They were not haunted by silent hateful eyes of pain five hundred years deep. ”

If this is your history as a white person, then I take everything I have said over the past few days back. If this is not your history then my humanity doesnt owe you a sand grain of kindness. Ever.

Eugene Skeef – For Bantu Steve Biko

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originally published in Staffrider 1978

January 6, 2016

Origins of SifundaNgenkani and Shiwelele by Mbe Mbhele

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Screen shot 2016-01-06 at 9.26.15 PM

first published here: http://witseff.tumblr.com/post/136746765589/origins-of-sifundangenkani-and-shiwelele-by-mbe

KEllY GALLAGHER – Pen Up The Pigs

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BONISWA MADLAKANA – a message to white feminists

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My black mother was forced to make a living from cleaning your white family’s stinky toilet, scrubbing your dirty floors, ironing your father’s office suits, cooking all your family meals, the meals that she wasn’t even allowed to taste; while your mother sat with her perfectly manicured hands, speaking to my mother only when she was ordering her around, referring to my 30, 40, 50, 60 year old mother as a “girl”, and teaching you to do the same.

Where was your white feminism then?… Instead of acknowledging the white women’s active & passive roles in the oppression of black women, you yourself keep falling back to your mother’s disrespectful attitude.

Unlike your mother, you don’t refer to grown ass black women as “girls”, but you keep undermining their intelligence by making them feel guilty for loving their husbands. You look down on them for wanting to make their husbands a cup of tea, a lovely meal, etc., because although you no longer call them girls, you continue to view them as such.

You think they can’t make their own decisions, they can’t live their self-determined choices.

You think they can’t be powerful within their own cultures. You have your own narrow-minded understanding of feminine power, and you think it’s the best one for every woman.

You exclude anyone who doesn’t agree with this narrow view of yours. … So pardon me, white feminists, if I don’t see your sincerity.

WANELISA XABA on Penny Sparrow and the 1652s

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first published here: http://www.culture-review.co.za/culture-penny

January 5, 2016

SABELO DLUDLA on the Penny Sparrow saga

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if you inherit a republic established on the beheading of your kings and the law written by the same people who destroyed your existence to establish their own you will always be a monkey…cos monkey see monkey do. until you are clear in your head about the ideologies impossed by white occupation you will always remain, a monkey. now all this talk burns penny sparrow, for what? she spoke the language that founded this republic, expressing the sentiments that gave us this present. if black folk want change they must pay extra.

TENDAYI SITHOLE says “#‎HandsOffPennyAndChris‬”

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White racism is not mindless, stupid, or irrational.

If we take it to be such, which is the problem of conceptual elasticity that entrapped the banal black rage, then we will then lose the grammar of what is it.

We stand the danger of making it fade without consequence, alas, this has been so in the post-1994. How many times in a year do we see the Penny and Chris phenomenon?

Screen shot 2016-01-05 at 9.26.34 PM

Has that ended racism? To me it is not this question we should be asking: What is racism? Rather, in the Cesairian, Fanonist, and Bikoist grammar, the fundamental question is: What fundamentally is the infrastructure of anti-Black racism?

This will at least unmask how it is institutionalized, naturalized, and normalized. How it is systematic, systemic, and continuous.

The black rage, which gets expressed in the tone of condemnation thinking that it will ward off this racism, or worse, engaging in the politics of counter-factualization (the nonsense of “we are human too”) against the racist utterance, vulgarizing racist deeds and blood boiling in fury, is just an empty gesture that will not put a single dent on white supremacy.

For, it is trapped in answering the question as opposed to unmasking the fundamental question. What if Penny, Chris and Co. did not express their racist fantasy in public? Will we then claim there is no racism?

I am thinking of dinner tables, tea meetings, gyms, whites family gathering etc. where whiteness is in its private realm sharing a thing or two about apartheid nostalgia and condemnation of blacks – that is Penny’s “monkeys” and Chris’ “victims.”

The DA will deal with Penny and Standard Bank will deal with Chris. Does that mean dealing with racism?

We should not be caught into the liberal trap of “fire them! ” whereas both institutions they serve cannot be divorced from the racist infrastructure that dehumanizes blacks. We should not be caught in the reactive stimulus of the symptom; but rather, the cause and its constitutive operating logic by diagnosing it, unmasking it and dismantling it.

This will mean seeing racism in cliches like “I adopted a black kid”, “I don’t see color”, “I have black friends”, “It is not about race, but class”, “I never supported apartheid”, ” let’s move forward and forget about apartheid” – the list goes on. These are the cliches of race denialism and for me, no matter how innocent they are, they smack of anti-Black racism.

I refuse to see racist individuals but, rather, the infrastructure that swells their privilege.

South Africa as a racist state is the micro-structure of the anti-Black world which is informed by genocidal impulses that dehumanise black bodies – in short, the total arc of a civilisation of death – a better world if there were no blacks and, if they are there, they must be erased.

South Africa is a colonial settler polity and it is ontologically racist. It’s history has been that of settler colonial land theft, plunder, and grand dehumanization of the black flesh.

Whiteness sees South Africa as better without blacks. That is why racism still exists – because we have allowed it to be symbolically vanished instead of it being uprooted.

Racism is allowed by the ANC and the black liberal apologists who are clutched into rainbowism, race denialism, race transcendence, nonracialism, and pseudo-futurism of nation building.

Racism has been entrenched to the extent that it has become banal and it exists in the invisible domain – but that does not mean it is not there.

I am not moved by the Chris and Penny’s et al’s racist gestures or any other deeds. They are just a tip of the racist “largesse.” I would even go to the extent of saying ‪#‎HandsOffChrisAndPenny‬.

Both are just distracting us from the real problem – the racism of the everyday.

I see racism when I see Fanon’s Manichean reality – white privilege side-by-side with black dispossession. Does not the binary of Alexandra and Sandton ring a bell? Is it not the same space but having a parasitic ontological arrangement of Fanon’s zone of being and zone of non-being?

That is what makes me feel the black pain, not to mention the RDP pondokkies in the middle of nowhere, shacks and blacks not having a dignified place to shit.

Did we forget that black children are still falling in toilet pits and blacks are still fighting for a toilet? Yeah, a place to shit.

As long as we don’t have our land, and continue being hobos in occupied Azania, there is no way the infrastructure of anti-Black racism will not end.

Let us go for the structures that produce the Penny and Chris of this anti-Black world. Hotep!

on what the rainbow nation is

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January 3, 2016

MANGALISO (and funeral)

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Bishop Tutu had been asked to preach at the funeral of Robert Mangaliso Sobukwe, the PAC leader, in Sobukwe’s hometown, Graaff-Reinet, in March 1978. Tutu; Gatsha Buthelezi, Leo Rakale, the CR monk from Johannesburg; and others were already at the speakers’ podium when Sobukwe’s coffin was brought it, accompanied by hundreds of young people (over 5000 people attended the funderal). Seeing Buthelezi, the young people swarmed around the podium, chanting slogans and insulting him as a “sellout”, a “stooge”, and – the most derogatory term of all in African culture – a “dog”. Asked by a clergyman to leave, Buthelezi replied: “Let them kill me now. am not going out. If it is my day to die, let me die here.” When order could not be restored, Tutu asked Buthelezi to reconsider. Reluctantly, he agreed. Tutu asked the clergymen to form a protective wall around Buthelezi as he left, and himself led the way. Although Buthelezi was surrounded by aides and the clergy, youngsters surged toward him, kicking at the clergymen, shaking their fists, and shouting “Makabulaw!” (“Kill him!”). Tutu turned to remonstrate with them. Buthelezi reached a car only after his secretary had deflected a knife attack and his bodyguard had fired shots to clear the way. The week after the funeral, Tutu told a journalist that the youngsters were a “new breed of blacks who have iron in their souls.”

by John Allen
Rabble-Rouser for Peace: The Authorized Biography of Desmond Tutu
Page 318

January 1, 2016


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Poqo means on your own. It comes from a Xhosa saying, uzimele poqo, meaning you are standing on your own but historically the world comes from separatist religious groups who declared that ndingum toipya poqo (I belong to the Ethiopian church).

NB!!! Black consciousness movement had its slogan ‘black man you are on your own’!

Padraig O’Malley on POQO

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Screen shot 2016-01-01 at 6.50.47 PM

After the banning, the organisation went underground. The leadership was taken over by members of the executive committee who had either evaded the police or been imprisoned for shorter periods. After his release from prison, Potlako Leballo took over as acting president of the organisation. At the same time the PAC headquarters moved to Maseru, capital of Basotholand (now Lesotho).

In the period following the banning of the organisation, militant PAC supporters formed a quasi-military movement, Poqo. (There is no clarity on the meaning of the word “Poqo”. The generally accepted explanation is that it is an abbreviation of the Xhosa name UmAfrika Poqo, meaning “blacks only”.) Initially this movement enjoyed considerably more support than the ANC’s military wing, Umkhonto we Sizwe. It was also more inclined to resort to violence. Poqo drew most of its support from the Vaal Triangle and the Western Cape. Violence committed by Poqo during the period 1962 to 1963 can be divided into four categories:

The murder of policemen and suspected police informers.

“Terrorist killings” in which whites were indiscriminately killed.

Assassination attempts on the lives of Transkeian captains and chiefs.

Attempts to organise a revolt against the state.

The first three categories were organised and executed by the Eastern Cape members of the organisation, while Leballo attempted to over-throw the South African government from outside the country. One of the most widely publicized attacks by Poqo members occurred on 22 November 1962 in Paarl when a group of Poqo members tried to free their comrades from a Paarl prison. The attempt failed, however. Two whites were killed and four wounded. This is one of the few instances in the political history of South Africa where whites were attacked in their own neighbourhood.

Leballo planned a massive revolt for 8 April 1963, during which thousands of Poqo supporters (or supposed supporters) were to attack strategic points and kill whites indiscriminately. However, he publicized these plans at a press conference two weeks in advance. The Basotholand police (today the Lesotho police) searched the PAC head-quarters and seized a complete list of Poqo members. The publication of these names enabled the South African police more or less to wipe out the entire organisation. By 1964 nearly 2 000 members had already been sent to prison. Consequently Poqo all but disappeared off the South African scene.

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December 29, 2015

SOMPISI GODIDE MPHEMBA on the importance of (re)-NAMING

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If you have noticed, I have over time deliberately sought to phase out the name ‘Kimberley’ out of my vocab and use the name ‘Galeshewe’ more. The reason is simple but not obvious.

Screen shot 2015-12-29 at 10.35.22 AM

Ntate Kgosi Galemidiwe Galeshewe was a great Warrior King who fought tooth and nail against British land-thieves, one of which was Lord Kimberley (after whom Kimberley is named). He (together with Barney Barnato, Cecil Rhodes, Southey, the De Beers brothers) raped, killed and enslaved Black people in the Galeshewe area and took their diamond rich land. For this reason, I find it an insult to myself and my ancestors such as Kgosi Galeshewe, Kgosi Toto and Kgosi Jantjie to continue to use the name ‘Kimberley’.

The name ‘South Africa’ carries the same connotations. Both names (if they are names) are a product of the white supremacist Parliament that had to mark the colonial territories over which imperialist Britain had dominion. This is a debate we must still have.

Central to the Arabian/European project of enslavement/colonisation of Afrikans was the practice of naming. Naming was such an important part of imperial practice that the imperialists didn’t just focus on buildings and places, but it also focused on naming the body that is being enslaved. This is why some of us have slave names. The whole practice of colonial naming had a number of connotations, one of which was to symbolise the triumph of the enslaver and the humiliation of the enslaved. But it was also meant to seal the physical act of enslavement, whose central features were the physical takeover of the territories and bodies of the enslaved. Understood in this context, the practice of renaming (which is actually an act of decolonisation) places and ourselves is meaningless if it is not accompanied by the reconquest of the land and related physical wealth that was taken from Afrikans.

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