November 27, 2014

mama i’m crying – betty wolpert

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November 10, 2014

the problem with film in south africa

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October 19, 2014

elelwani chosen to represent south africa at the oscars

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October 17, 2014

jannie totsiens

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October 15, 2014

THE DREAM OF SHAHRAZAD selected for IDFA Masters

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South African documentary filmmaker Francois Verster’s long-awaited new film THE DREAM OF SHAHRAZAD has been selected for the prestigious Masters programme of the 2014 edition of the International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (IDFA). The highly regarded documentary festival describes this section as “present[ing] the cream of the crop of new films by renowned documentary auteurs such as Frederick Wiseman, Victor Kossakovsky and Kim Longinotto.” This year, Verster’s film will be shown alongside new works by Wim Wenders, Albert Maysles, Les Blank, Julien Temple, Nick Broomfield, Joshua Oppenheimer and Frederick Wiseman. It is the first time that a South African filmmaker has been included in the section.

THE DREAM OF SHAHRAZAD, described by early viewers as a documentary masterpiece and already hailed in Egypt as one of the best films about the country’s past few years, looks at recent political events in Egypt and Turkey through the lens of the famous story collection known as THE 1001 NIGHTS. At once observational documentary, concert film and political essay, it uses the metaphor of Shahrazad (the princess who saves lives by telling stories) to explore how creativity and political articulation coincide in response to oppression. A Turkish youth orchestra conductor uses Rimsky-Korsakov’s SCHEHERAZADE suite as a tool for political education. A young Lebanese actress reconciles her past by becoming an internet activist in Egypt. An older visual artist finds his “dream of Shahrazad” in the appearance of a beautiful young storyteller. An Alexandrian storyteller meets with the mothers of martyrs of the Revolution and turns their testimonies into new storytelling performances.

Development on the film began in 2006 already, and filming took place over two years between 2010 and 2012 – before, during and after the so-called “Arab Spring”. Says Verster: “This has been the film that has taken the most time and has been most difficult to complete – the challenge was not only to film in three foreign countries where I did not at first speak any of the language, but also to construct a film around a specific piece of music, where documentary reality had to be fitted to a predetermined form. The film started with very little means, but we made amazing contacts as we went along and the film grew organically into its final form. We kept returning to Egypt over the year following the January 2011 revolution, and being able to explore all the immense changes happening through friends and subjects there was one of the most fascinating and enriching experience of my life.”

While the film was largely self-funded, further funding contributions came from the South African National Film & Video Foundation, the IDFA/Bertha Fund, the Sundance Documentary Fund, Spier Films, the CBA Worldview Fund, the Netherlands Film Fund and the European Union.

The film is produced by Verster and Shameela Seedat of Undercurrent Film and Television, Wael Omar of Middlewest Films and Neil Brandt of Fireworx Media, and coproduced by Fleur Knopperts and Denis Vaslin of Volya Films (Netherlands), Lucas Rosant of Melia Films (France), and Serene Huleileh and Reem Abu Kishek of the Hakaya Regional Network (Jordan). Verster best known previous films include A LION’S TRAIL, WHEN THE WAR IS OVER, THE MOTHERS’ HOUSE and SEA POINT DAYS.

For further information please contact:
Shameela Seedat – shameelaseedat@gmail.com
Alaa Karkouti – alaa.karkouti@mad-solutions.com
Abdallah Al Shami – abdallah.alshami@mad-solutions.com

For further information on the IDFA Masters section, see


World sales:
Heather Millard – heather@spierfilms.com




October 11, 2014

bill antoniou reviews jyoti mistry’s impunity

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this review first published here: http://myoldaddiction.com/2014/10/07/impunity/

September 14, 2014

jyoti mistry’s impunity

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first published here: http://www.hollywoodreporter.com/review/impunity-toronto-review-732283

July 2, 2014

khalo’s letter to madiba

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Khalo’s Letter To Madiba from Aryan Kaganof on Vimeo.

June 24, 2014

cold harbour – the trailer

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cold harbour

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carey mckenzie’s cold harbour

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June 6, 2014

tell them we are from here @national arts festival

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June 4, 2014

film festival@national arts festival

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April 26, 2014

inumber number directed by donovan marsh

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April 7, 2014

of good report wins slew of saftas

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April 6, 2014

four corners reviewed by kavish chetty

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March 30, 2014

carey mckenzie’s black south easter reviewed in chicago

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first published here: http://antagonie.blogspot.com/2013/10/ciff-13-black-south-easter-mckenzie-south-africa.html

February 6, 2014

florence masebe on elelwani

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February 2, 2014

theresa smith reviews elelwani

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florence masebe on elelwani

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keep reading this article here:http://mg.co.za/article/2014-01-30-insights-into-an-exotic-culture

steyn du toit reviews elelwani

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January 28, 2014

luzuko elvis bekwa on an inconsolable memory


grand master

the opening prayer in the documentary ‘ inconsolable memory’ when this old lady is summoning the higher being to give truth to the project, the plight of the eoan group is quite touching. the documentary soundtrack, the japanese pianist tomoko mulaiyama, gives the documentary a majestic and haunting elegance.

on the subject itself i should say i find the film to be quite enlightening . it kind of want to say we are all on the same page when it comes to prejudice. the visuals of the yesteryear district six, the children playing in the street, a jolly good drunk fellow who is teased by the bunch of kids in the street kind of set the film tone towards the path of truth . to console your memories you have to drown your self to alcohol..the struggles of the eoan group is a struggle that almost all of us in sa have experienced. the beauty though of the documentary is that it is not only highlighting the struggles of the eoan group as the coloured race but deeper it pins and pierces through the struggles of the arts in both past and present south africa. it is only through the arts that we can , or begin to understand the ways of a society.

the eoan group it seems were the force to be reckon with when it comes to opera music but because of a cruel system that deprived them of the free expression they were instead labelled as collaborators , a stigma that everyone is afraid to be associated with.it is unfortunate that the colour card has to go to extremes as to even create hatred amongst the community itself , perhaps the divide and rule system.

memory has no colour , as i contemplate on this idea i am reminded by the plight of the white people (perhaps very few) who were also caught in this race fracas . those who were deprived of free movement in their “own” country and by their own elected “government” . maybe it is because unknowingly they collaborated in voting for that oppressive and fascist rule. the inconsolable memory is telling us how to destroy arts entirely . arts is the reflection of a society and as such it evokes many feelings such as envy, pride , discipline etc and those are the qualities that shape society’s political expression.disdaining of the eoan group can be reminiscent of the nazi rule in germany . in order to survive in an evil idea one has to build clandestine of a token privilegded. of which those would be the oppressed.therefore i find it very hard to classify the eoan group contribution in shaping this country’s socio-politics nor towards the upliftment and advancement of the arts . were they collaborators (i don’t know) were they cultural activists ( i don’t know). whatever the case here is a tell tale of a heritage almost forgotten and erased from the archives of our cultural thoughts

memory is cost. perhaps this one area that we all fail to look at when we come to archiving . it was an alarming distress to learn that during the making of this documentary nfvf refused funding of this project with reasons that we can not understand . maybe it is because of what coloured people often lament and i can quote them clearly ,’ during the apartheid times we were not white enough to be classified as white people but now is the black rule and still we are not black enough to be classified as black people’. this is a sad and painful remark to think of . it is even more sad when you see it happening practically even in times of democratic rule.in 1996 during the acceptance of the first post-apartheid constitution mr tm mbeki on behalf of the anc made a powerful and oratory speech . in his speech he laid bear the hardships and struggles of the coloured race(the khoi and the san descendants) and how they were the first to suffer under colonial rule and ultimately lost their dignity . but now with this nfvf action it kind of inflicting on that wound.

memory is legacy – having been following the works of aryan kaganof from his previous projects it is clear that we are dealing with someone who is in state of hysteria , someone who is helplessly distressed by the erosion of arts in south africa , someone who is constantly and consistently banging on the doors of those who claim to be the custodians of arts but regrettably get no answer.his works are about preservation of legacies to reclaim our human dignity and to contribute an authentic, original and geniune gift to world cultures.

the photographic memories of ian bruce huntley on his recently launched book keeping times further emphasis of the importance of memory produces a perfect parallel and suitably vindicates the case of aryan kaganof.

as sometimes painful as the circumstances may be, memory heals. at times hidden, memory builds. controversial at points , it leads to healthy debates.whatever the case

memory is GOOD

December 17, 2013

man on ground rated #2 film of 2013

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first published here: http://www.ynaija.com/confusion-na-wa-man-on-ground-flower-girl-we-present-the-10-best-films-of-2013/

December 13, 2013

magic bullet

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first published here: https://www.facebook.com/seancmichael/posts/335015993307622

November 15, 2013

helgé Janssen reviews an inconsolable memory

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first published here: http://www.artlink.co.za/news_article.htm?contentID=34323

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