4 Dangerous Hikes for Experts

Hiking may seem like the less engaging sibling of mountain climbing and other aerobic activities. A good number of people will likely tell you that it’s boring and does not thrill you with a dose of adrenaline, unlike other leisure sports. However, there are terrains that you would wish you won’t go for a hike anytime soon. These are hikes that can lead you to serious injuries, wild animals, or even a flirt with death.  We will list some dangerous hiking destinations that even expert hikers would find difficult to even step into them. 

Huayna Picchu Peru 

The Inca Trail of Huayna, Peru, is a dangerous hiking route that has been known to claim the lives of some of the best hikers yearly. The real danger starts when you follow the trail passing through the mythical city and up the Huayna Picchu, which is infamously called “Hike of Death.” It has an old staircase made of granite that towers over 1000 feet. 

The Maze Utah

This is a part of the Canyonlands National Park and attracts over 2000 visitors a year. Dare-devil hikers find the terrain very difficult to navigate because of its gullies. The sheer danger of the place fuels the adrenaline of its visitors and the opportunity to try fate. Deaths and accidents have become a natural order in this place. 

Mount Hua Shan, China 

The place oversees pilgrims who have visited the temples of the five spires of Mount Hua Shan for so many years. The place is known for its dangerous vertical staircases and a few places for you to hold your hand. The plank trail to the South is a different terrain that is considered the most dangerous hike trail globally, with wooden platforms, fastened onto the mountainside with bolts. 

Kokoda Track Papua New Guinea

This place has been the site for many deaths down the years from 1942. Deaths have been recorded from a plane crash and hiking trails alike. The conditions for the travel are what make it dangerous and feared. Definitely a top danger hiking trail in the world. 

Hiking is good, but even expert hikers can still get hurt or even die from it. Surprisingly, a few expert hikers are not moved.  

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