4 Essential Lifesaving Skills to Know Before Wilderness Adventuring


Nothing is assured in this world; whether you just get lost by walking across your street, or a horrendous storm shuts down your power, the fact is that you can avoid this situation if you know a few essential lifesaving skills. You have to prepare for anything that might later happen, and thus, we have compiled a list of essential lifesaving skills.

Finding and Purifying Water

Surviving a terrible situation entails having suitable drinking water. Research has shown that humans can survive several days without food, but the same is not applicable for water. We can die within a short time – hours or in a few minutes. Whether you have taken a bad spill or trapped without power, endeavor to seek out and purify water for drinking.

Starting and Tending to a Fire

The ability to start and make a fire is one of the most valuable and necessary skills anyone can develop during emergency cases. Aside from providing lifesaving warmth to keep out cold, it can also be used to purify water, cauterize wounds, ward off predations, and even raise the alarm for help. Although you might have matches or a lighter in your possession, the fact is that you should learn how to start a fire from scratch.

Building a Temporary Shelter

You might be able to navigate your way back to your home if you get lost in the wilderness. Nevertheless, endeavor to learn how to build a temporary shelter to protect you from environmental elements. The reason is that the risk and danger in an emergency can be compounded by snow, rain, cold, and thick fog if you don’t build a temporary shelter for protection.

Navigating and Reading a Compass

Let us assume that you’re hiking at a national park and involved in some unfortunate accident, thereby losing your way and leaving no trails in sight. The best solution is to know how to navigate the pathways to get to the right destination.

Safety is an ultimate concern in the outdoors, and these essential lifesaving skills will be beneficial for you. Learn these basic lifesaving skills to keep you out of trouble, and get further assurance by fortifying yourself with supplements such as those produce by Vital Proteins and Brain MD.

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