5 Best Cave Camping Locations

Entering a cave is similar to navigating a new terrain due to the sudden shift in texture, sounds, sights, and temperature. Also, it is accompanied by the filtered darkness that gradually fizzles into black and utter silence asides for the flutter of bat wings or trickle of water, the slick rocks, and the mineral scent of groundwater. If you want to have this experience, check out these incredible cave camping locations.

Little Mill, Utah

This area is close to the Timpanogos Cave National Monument. It is a super convenient location if you plan to explore the three caves in the area – Timpanogos Cave, Middle Cave, and Hansen Cave. After exploring these places, you can also explore the surface and enjoy fishing in the Fork River.

Pactola Reservoir, South Dakota

Pactola Reservoir was discovered by chance when someone finds a breeze emanating from the rock face in South Dakota. Jewel Cave is currently the third-longest Cave in the world and boasts spectacular 192.99 miles of passageways. A significant part of the cave walls is designed with crystals to give it a glittering appearance and inspire “Jewel Cave.” 

Mammoth Cave, Kentucky

Humans have widely used mammoth Cave for over 4,000 years. Indigenous people residing in the area extracted minerals from the Cave and went as far as six miles beneath. Today, Mammoth Cave is one of the most popular outdoor sites in the southeast. You will enjoy several different tours and a variety of camping options, including cabins, RV sites, and tents.

Rock Island State Park, Tennessee

One of the most significant caves in the southeast is close to McMinnville, Tennessee. Here, the volcano room inside the Cumberland Caverns has been converted into a bluegrass concert venue. Also, space has been used for radio broadcasts and live concerts for years. 

Oregon Cave National Park, Oregon

The beautiful marble caves were formed by volcanic activity and acidic water emanating from the stone. This site host visitors in over twenty overnight rooms and will remain open for cave tours. Several structures have been put in place to make the site more conducive for people living with disabilities. 

There you have it! Above are some of the best cave camping locations. These places are amazing and offer some of the best cave camping experience. A wonderful experience awaits you as you visit any of these camping locations.  

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