5 Lakes Known for Their Winter Ice Skating

Nothing thrills locals around the world than a frozen lake during winter. This is because it gives the perfect opportunity to engage in a fun game of ice skating. This may not be as thrilling as the jingle of the bells during the holidays or the light shows of Christmas but gliding through a beautiful glacial surface on a lake is a lovely experience.  

The feel of the air and the fresh smell of clean snow will always put you in that outdoor game spirit that is undeniable.  Therefore, before you decide to visit a frozen lake this summer, you can take a look at lakes known for winter ice skating.

Lac de Joux – Jura Mountain Switzerland

The lake is located in the Jura Region, a territory lying in a 190-mile arc of limestone hills overlying French and Swiss borders. Lac de Joux is a large alpine lake frozen during winter and is arguably the most extensive natural ice-skating lake in Europe. The landscape is a beauty to behold for skaters and tourists alike. 

Lake Morey – Vermont US

The lake is a wide 4.5-mile frozen surface where skaters can live the dream of a beautiful ice-skating experience. The surface is a wonder to behold even by locals that visit there every year. It has the most extensive skating trail and can accommodate tournaments. 

Lake Louise – Banff National Park, Alberta Canada 

This is a lake that is located under the snow-capped heights of the Rocky Mountains in Canada. It gives a beautiful glacial outlook for people who are up for some beautiful game of skating. The look of Lake Louise is aesthetically pleasing for any visitor. 

Vermillion Lakes – Banff National Park, Alberta Canada

This is a lake located west of Banff. The sight was renowned for its beautiful sunrises and sunsets for hikers during the summer. In winter, it becomes a beautiful glacial ice lake used to host skating games and visitors looking for a burst of adrenaline. Experts recommend checking the depth of the ice first before anything else. 

Lake Bogstadvannet – Oslo, Norway

Located in the outskirts of Oslo, the Bogstadvannet has become a visitor’s delight. Skaters always visit at sunrise, and it’s a beautiful sight. 

There you have it! Above are some lakes known for their winter ice skating. Ice-skating is a winter game favorite, and these lakes have become a beehive of activities during this period. I’ll recommend you try a few of those.

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