5 Places to See Autumn Leaves Turn in the U.S.

If you are a nature lover, you will give anything to see some of the best things our natural world has to offer. Even if you are only fascinated by autumn, you may want to behold autumn leaves turn in different parts of the country. Is this something that sounds great to you? Are you willing to behold the wonder of nature expressed by fall foliage? Here are five best times to see autumn leaves turn in different regions of the U.S.A.

Last Two Weeks of September to Late October – The Catskill, New York 

The Catskills, which covers 6,000 square miles in southern New York, boasts six major river systems, 35 mountains, and famed Woodstock festivals. There is certainly so much to see besides autumn leaves turning. While you can visit the area any time of the year, you need to go between the second week of September and Late October to find the area in its most vibrant form.

Mid-September To First Week of October – Aspen, Colorado 

You don’t need to be told where the name Aspen came from if you are a true nature-lover. The world-famous town is named after the Aspen tree, and you will watch the leaves of this plant turn yellow between Mid-September and the first week of October in this part of Colorado.

Mid-September to Mid-October – Columbia River Gorge, Oregon 

Some of the spectacular trees to watch during the fall in the 80-MILE Columbian River Gorge include big map-leaf maples, cottonwoods, firs, Oregon ash, and twisted pines. The views are always spectacular, whether you are driving, hiking, rafting, or kayaking.

Late September to Late November – Blue Ridge Parkway, North Carolina 

The winding path of Blue Ridge Parkway stretches 469 miles. Once fall sets in, the road turns excellent, bright yellow, vibrant red, and brilliant oranges. The trees behind the beautification include red maples, sassafras, and dogwoods.

Second Week of September to First Week of October – Green Mountain Byway, Vermont  

A simple drive from quint Waterbury to one of the most famous ski resorts in the East, Stowe, will let you enjoy the scenic views offered by two state forests and three state parks. The beech, birch, and maple trees lining the 11-mile route dazzle with their colored leaves. 

Timing is important if you want to see autumn leaves turn. If you visit the different places discussed here at the periods specified, you will appreciate Mother Nature even more. But before traveling, make sure to stock up on supportive aids that provide the support you need each day. This includes products from Premier Research Labs and Jarrow Formulas that work with the body when faced with immune challenges and allergies.

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