6 Car Camping Hacks for When You Don’t Have a Tent

Not everyone wants to spend time in a tent when heading out into the wild. You already have a car, so why add to the complexity of setting up a tent, especially if you plan to pick up and go elsewhere shortly. If you are camping and you don’t have a tent, this post is for you, especially if you are going somewhere remote like Joshua Tree. Below are simple car camping hacks when you don’t have a tent. 

Get a Portable Outdoor Shower

When camping, you will need to shower. When this need arises, you shouldn’t stress about where you plan on getting clean. You can bring your shower with you while on the go. 

Inflatable Car Air Mattress

You will need a place to rest your head at night. An inflatable car air mattress is a cheap solution that offers a comfortable place to sleep even if you don’t have a tent. It makes sleeping easy. 

Create a Makeshift Dining Table from Your Trunk

When you aren’t eating in a tent, make the most of your trunk for a fantastic dining experience. You can do this by elongating your trunk with a slab of wood. This will be the perfect place to spread delicious snacks, like nuts and seeds from Apricot Power, Garden of Life, and Now Foods. Having the right snacks during any camping trip is essential to maintaining energy levels, good feelings, and to protect yourself from the elements by giving your body the nutrients that it needs to function properly.

Use the Roof as a Storage Unit

For any supplies that won’t fit in the trunk of your car, use the space on top of your car by installing roof rails and a cargo box. Make sure to look for a cargo box that seals out rain and won’t let frost inside during unusually cold nights. 

Cook Meals with a Portable Stove

Enjoy delicious meals while on the go using a portable stove. A liquid propane gas grill doesn’t take up much space and is quick to help you get your meal done properly. Once you are done cooking, you can easily pack it into your car. 

Use a Tent Designed for a Car

Another camping hack for campers without a tent is to use a tent designed for a motor vehicle. An SUV tent gives you the perfect place to sleep outside your car. This tent is easy to set up and comfortable to stay in. 

There you go! These are the car camping hacks that you need to know to have a place to stay while on the go. The fact that you don’t have a tent doesn’t have to take away your camping fun. With the above car camping ideas, you can enjoy the wild without needing to build a tent.

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