6 Fun Activities to Try At Big Bear Lake


Big Bear is considered one of Southern California’s premier four-season destinations for relaxation and adventure. Located about a hundred miles northeast of Los Angeles, this is more than a lake. It includes hundreds of miles of trails, 22 miles of lake shoreline, and more.

The most remarkable thing about Big Bear Lake is the fact that you will always find something to do here, year-round. It is an excellent cozy getaway, regardless of what your interests are.

Though there are so many activities you can enjoy here, we will only shine the spotlight on six that we believe most people will enjoy.

Alpine Slide at Magic Mountain

Magic Mountain presents lots of fun for those who derive joy from slides. You will find all manners of slides, including the authentic Alpine slide and water slide. Notable attractions include the Mineshaft Coaster, Soaring Eagle, Go-Karts, and Mini Golf.

Big Bear Pirate Ship

If you want to witness authentic pirate entertainment in the safest place, boarding the Big Bear Pirate Ship is one of the best things to do. The captains are some of the quirkiest characters you can find in modern-day ships. The tour offers the best of live entertainment.

Pleasure Point Marina

If you are looking for the perfect place for family fun at the Big Bear Lake, the Pleasure Point Marina is one of the favorite places to be. You can have fun in different ways. You can rent pebble boats, kayaks, stand-up paddleboards, as well as eight-person SUP & Jet Skis.

Action Zipline and Segway Tours

Do you have the stomach for high-altitude fun? The Action Zipline and Segway tours are the right choices for you. The zip line tour is available all year round and takes you through the middle of the national forest. The Zegway tour is for those who crave scenic rides around Big Bear. You will explore the native plants and animals.

Bear Mountain Golf Course

If golf is the game for you, then you should pay a visit to the golf course during your visit. It is a really nice golf course.

Big Bear Alpine Zoo

The zoo tour is a family-friendly tour, so you should consider it if you are with your family. A rehabilitation facility is a good place if you want to see how injured, orphaned, and imprinted wildlife are cared for.

We’ve just briefly discussed six activities you can enjoy in Big Bear Lake. There are several other things you can do. Choose what gives you and your family joy.

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