Best Camping Blanket

When you are going to spend days and nights outside your home, a camping blanket is very important. Even if you are spending just a night in an environment you know is not as comfortable as your home, a camping blanket is necessary.

Now, there are lots of camping blankets on the market. They are not made equal, and you have to be careful if you want to buy a good one. You need a camping blanket that will provide warmth away from your home. You need a camping blanket that is made with the right materials. Overall, you need a camping blanket that will serve you efficiently for years.

How Do You Find the Best Camping Blanket?

With so many camping blankets being advertised as the best, how do you identify and buy the best one? There are a few factors to keep in mind, and we will briefly discuss them here.


This is the first thing to consider, as it will affect others. Wool or wool blend is the best for cold weather, but blankets made of nylon and post-consumer recycled polyester are also good. Research the material to ensure it offers the quality you desire.


You need a camping blanket that is big enough to meet your needs. If you are going to be camping with your better half, buy a camping blanket that is ideal for couples.


Some camping blankets have features that you may enjoy. You may find that a lightweight blanket has some features that ensure that it provides warmth even in really cold weather. Some can be turned into a poncho.


Price is a factor you should also consider when shopping for the best camping blanket. While buying a feature-rich blanket is a very good idea, you shouldn’t pay a price that is just too much for a camping blanket. Consider your options, and buy what is in line with your budget.

Examples of Good Camping Blankets

Although we can’t name a particular blanket as the overall best, here are some wonderful options to consider buying:

  • Filson Mackinaw Blanket
  • Kammok Arctos
  • Kammok Bobcat
  • Nemo Equipment Puffin
  • Rumpl Original Puffy Blanket
  • SOL All Season Blanket 
  • Therm-a-Rest Vela Quilt
  • Yeti Lowlands Blanket

There you have it! Above are some of the best camping blankets and tips to help you choose a blanket that is right for you. If you are planning to camp in the outdoors, ensure that you have your blanket with you. This will definitely help keep you warm and comfortable while you enjoy the outdoors. Remember, if you are planning to weather the elements, using New Chapter and Utzy Natural supplements to maintain your health may be a good idea.

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