Best Dog Breeds for an Outdoor Lifestyle

Dogs are indeed man’s best friend and support humans in more ways than even their fellow humans. If you’re someone that cherishes an outdoor lifestyle more than most, then you may have to get a dog that matches your energy. You do not want to get an active dog and expect it to be docile. Therefore, if you’re an outdoor person, you have to get dog breeds comfortable with being outside and making contact with people in the vicinity. Let us take a look at dog breeds that are suitable for an outdoor lifestyle. 

Labrador Retriever

This breed is full of high energy doors that are in love with the outside world. They are dogs bred originally to retrieve things. Labradors have webbed paws, making them excellent swimmers, and they are that perfect breed for adventures. 

Siberian Husky 

These breeds of dog are very excited during winter and are made for that outdoor social lifestyle. Their close ties with wolves make them energetic dogs that are suitable for that outdoor lifestyle. They are great hikers and can locate cold trails more than most dogs. 

Bernese Mountain Dog 

These are friendly, docile and good-natured dogs. They are known for their endurance, but that entails that they need regular exercise. They can go on short hikes and are easily trained. They are strong enough to carry small carts. 

Australian Shepherd 

These are herding dogs that are suitable for outdoor camping and other activities. They are tough and are good climbers when it comes to rocks and mountains. Their energy is unmatched. 


These are brilliant dogs that are agile and can detect certain situations with their instincts. They are great dogs for camping and other outdoor activities. Their instinct means that they can decipher more situations than others, and like the fictional collie named Lassie, they might even save your life!

Portuguese Water Dog

They are traditional fisher dogs used by fishermen. They are primarily used on the sea by seamen due to this retrieving quality. This means that they live very social lives and cannot be kept indoors like other dogs. Portuguese Water dogs are beautiful active dog breeds for social freaks. 

There you have it! Above are some of the best dog breeds for an outdoor lifestyle. Dogs can describe your personality through their energy. This is why you need to get the perfect dog breed that will match your lifestyle perfectly. 

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