Best Places to Camp During Winter Months

Contrary to what some will want you to believe, camping during winter months can be fun. The cold doesn’t necessarily have to make you moody and sad. Even if you suffer Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD), camping can help relieve you of some of the symptoms.

Are you planning to camp during the winter months? Are you still thinking of the right places to camp? We will briefly describe a few of the best places we know you can camp during winter months and enjoy the challenges and rewards.

Fort Myers Beach – Florida, USA

This is the place for winter campers who are not fans of the cold. Fort Myers Beach is one of several scenic campsites around the southern part of the State and offers campers perfect weather, perfect humidity, and perfect views.

Ice Hotel – Finland and Quebec

Imagine sleeping in a hotel that is crafted from ice and snow. Quit imagining and enjoy the experience in either Finland or Quebec. The hotel offers several interesting amenities to make winter camping comfortable and exciting.

Murray Sunset National Park – Australia

This is another great choice for individuals who really want to camp during the winter months but are not fans of the cold. When most states in the U.S. are battling the cold, Australia has nice weather and is open for campers. Murray Sunset National Park is one of the best places to be at that time of the year.

Mississippi Palisades – Illinois, USA

In Illinois, this state park is simply known as the Palisades, but you have to call it the right name if you are coming from another state to enjoy the camping facilities it offers. Mississippi Palisades in Illinois is a perfect spot for young campers interested in sports like sledding and cross-country skiing.

New York State Adirondack Park – New York, USA

If you are in New York or surrounding areas and want to camp during the winter months, there is no better place to go to than the Adirondack Park. The historical museums are complemented by an impressive variety of wildlife.


Do you really want to be adventurous with your winter camping? Why not take the ultimate trip to Antarctica. It is an expensive trip that only a few can afford. If you can, it will be fulfilling.

There you have it! Above are some of the best places to camp during the winter month. Camping during the cold winter months can be very exciting. If you plan to do that, you can visit any of the places and campsites mentioned above.

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