Best Websites to Learn Fun and Scary Stories You Can Tell Around the Campfire

There are several factors that help to make camping fun. Telling fun and scary stories is definitely one of the most interesting ones. The laughter, the chills, and all the reactions from individuals form part of the memories you make.

Do you want to have as much fun as possible with your friends during your next camping adventure? Do you want to tell the perfect story around the campfire? There are a few websites where you can learn some of the best stories to tell. Here are the ones we will always recommend:

American Literature

This is one website that hosts some of the best works from American literary writers. is one of the best online resources for all kinds of people, including academics, and you can find any kind of story you want to tell around the campfire.

Poe Stories

Poe was a master at telling really scary stories. Nearly 170 years after he passed on, most of his stories are still very relevant. You can get some of his best short stories and poems at, and they will scare the hell out of your listeners.

Creepy Little Stories

This is one small site where you can find a really creepy story that will have the desired impact on your campfire audience. It is the web home of Riley Weidler, who knows how to make readers ask for more. There are a few stories here, and they are all great.

This is one of the most balanced websites when it comes to short stories. You will find something for all kinds of audiences at Fun and scary stories are abundant; you just have to choose what you want to learn and tell your audience.

Slightly Warped

This is one of the oldest continually functioning websites for stories. It has all kinds of stories you can easily learn and tell around the campfire.

East of the Web

Last on the list but definitely not the least in terms of relevance, East of the Web is one of the largest compendiums of short stories on the internet. You can find any kind of story you want, including horror.

There you have it! Above are some top websites to learn fun and scary stories you can tell around the campfire. Telling stories when camping around the fire makes the experience more fun. If you are short of ideas, you can visit any of the websites above.

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