Camping Spots in Northern California for a Family Getaway

There are many great camping spots in Northern California that your entire family can enjoy. If you are looking for a location to create memories with your family and a place that your kids will fall in love with, check out the suggestions below.

Lake Siskiyou Resort & Camp

One of the prettiest lakes in Northern California, the Lake Siskiyou Resort & Camp, offers a natural ambiance that is safe and friendly. This place offers a variety of recreation spots, including swimming, fishing, and speed boating.

Elk Prairie 

Elk Prairie is a 14,000-acre park that offers an opportunity to have a unique and fascinating getaway with your family. Offerings include hiking and biking. It is also one of the best places to see wildlife in California.

Rancho Seco Recreation Area

This recreation area has all it to make a great getaway for your family. It is a popular location for sailboarding and fishing. Visitors will enjoy amazing views of wildlife here. You will even get to see the defunct Rancho Seco Nuclear Power Generating Station.

El Capitan Canyon

This park covers 65 acres of land and is one of the most visited areas in California. There are safari tents that have electricity and are heated. There are mountain trails for biking and a host of other activities to enjoy.

Dorst Creek 

Dorst Creek is a favorite campsite for families. There is ample room for your family to play around and have fun. The 6,700 feet high Muir Grove of giant sequoias is nearby for hiking. There is no doubt that this place is an amazing place for you and your family.

Pine Cliff Resort

The beauty and serene ambiance of the Pine Cliff resort makes it one of the most amazing campsites for families in Northern California. The accommodations are comfortable and it is a popular place for anglers. This is a place that you should consider camping with your family.

There you have it! Above are some camping spots in Northern California for a family getaway. A family getaway offers you a great opportunity to spend quality time with your loved ones. If you find yourself heading north into Oregon, there are plenty of walking trails for you and your family to explore.

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