Fun Family Camping Games

What do you do when you go camping with your family? We want to believe that you play a lot. Games provide the highest form of fun for most families. They also offer family members the opportunity to bond with each other and make their relationships stronger. What kind of games do you play with your family when you go camping? Are you looking forward to playing new games the next time you go? Here are some fun family camping games you should consider.

Squirt Gun Races 

This is a simple game you can all enjoy during the day. You can play with empty plastic drinking cups placed along the edge of a picnic table. Next, fill some squirt guns with water and spray the cups till they fall off the table. Multiple players can play to determine who takes home the big prize.

Football Throw 

This is a game that men and boys will appreciate the most. Women and girls will also take part in football throw if their male counterparts play nice. 

Nature Scavenger Hunt 

This is a popular camping game you can make part of your camping traditions. It can be the high point of your camping expedition if there is a big prize and you are all interested in getting it. You have to create a list of objects to find in nature, but don’t make it simple. 

Glow Stick Ring Toss 

This is the sort of game you can play in the evening at outdoor camping sites. You will need several glow stick rings to get everyone involved in the fun. There should be sticks dug into the dirt so that they are poking up out of the ground. Hand every player some glow stick rings, bracelets, or necklaces. The goal, of course, is to throw the glow stick rings over the stick. The winner should be properly rewarded. 

Tell Me a Story 

This is the game that can get every single member of your family involved. Let everyone, including the little ones, tell their camping stories. This will encourage every member of your family to communicate better. 

There are several others you can try, but make sure you engage in games that are safe and appropriate for every member of your household. You are guaranteed to have a fantastic experience as you play any of the games mentioned above.

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