Great Places to Visit: New York State National Park

In New York City, there is no shortage of places to visit. There are so many activities to partake in for the sake of exploration and fun. If you’ve already visited the west coast, like Oregon, and you are curious about what’s on the East Coast, check out these great places to visit in New York City.

New York State National Park

The New York State National Park has up to 24 service areas in the USA. They offer the perfect spot and gateway for a get-a-way. There are activities in place and spots designed to help you relax and have fun.

Niagara Falls

Niagara Falls is a prominent place in NYC that is worth visiting. Down the curved hills, up to 75,000 gallons of water tumble down this beauty per second, making for a real sight to behold.

Bear Mountain State Park

Put on your hiking boots and get ready to transverse the woody and serene trails of the Bear Mountain State Park. The steep Perkins Memorial Tower offers you a platform to take in the mesmerizing view of the Storm King Art Centre, Big Apple Skyline, and the Hudson River.

Central Park

Central Park is an expansive area of land in NYC that rests in the center of the city and is a source of recreation and other activities. Spots such as the Shakespeare Garden, Conservatory Garden, and the popular Chess & Checkers House are perfect areas for relaxation. The park also has pools and a romantic ambiance for lovers.

Adirondack Park

Situated in the Northern New York State, Adirondack Park is home to amazing scenes of nature. The park boasts up to 10,000 lakes and diverse habitats. It is popular for its 46 mountain peaks. Visit and enjoy whitewater or flatwater kayaking or canoeing.

Buttermilk Falls State Park

The Buttermilk Falls State Park is an alluring and captivating park. There is a swimming pool, campsites, and playing fields to unwind and enjoy yourself. The ambiance is tranquilizing, and it is full of wildlife. If you are a hiking enthusiast, there are woodland trails for your convenience.

New York City is one of the most amazing cities in the world. There are plenty of national treasures, recreational centers, and places to see in New York. You are guaranteed to have a fantastic experience anytime you visit New York City with your loved ones.

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