Here is Why You Should Learn Double Hook Fishing

If you have ever been at a store to buy fishing hooks you will find that there is a new variant of hooks, the double fishing hook. The double hook is increasingly popular among anglers that are aiming for large catches. This product attaches two hooks over a piece of fishing line. 

Is this fishing hook right for you? Here is a more detailed description of the various ways that you will benefit from double hook fishing.

Minimize Short Strikes Rates

When fishing with a single hook, a large piece of bait is attached at its top and requires the fish to reach the bait and take the entire piece into its mouth before it is hooked. Not all fish will take the bait as some will eat only the lower part of the bait and leave without getting the hook in their mouth.

This is known as a short strike and it is eliminated by the addition of a second hook. The second hook attaches to the lower portion of the bait to ensure that the hook sets into the fish that strikes short.

For Reeling in a Big Catch

Double fish hooks are the go-to fishing hooks when fish appear too big for single hooks. Fish, such as channel catfish and flathead catfish, find ways to avoid single hooks. There is no limit to the number of big fish you will catch with double fishing hooks.

In summary, the double hook rig should only be used in circumstances such as:

  • To avoid getting short strikes.
  • When fishing for a trophy fish.
  • When fishing with large bait.

Double hook fishing is an effective technique that can help you to catch large fish. You might want to pass on fishing for bluegill, for example. While fishing may be a hobby for many individuals, healthy competition is still allowed on few occasions. Whether it is a local fishing competition or just playing with friends, learning this method will equip you with what you need to bring home that trophy fish you always dreamt of winning.