Hiking Activities to Do in Death Valley

Death Valley! That name is probably not heard as much as “the Everglades” or “Yosemite.” It’s a name that instills in you a great sense of fear and mystery. The place is characteristically known for its unusual sailing stones and towering mountains. A place is indeed a great place for tourists who wish to undertake a hiking challenge. 

The rainbow-colored mountains, the shifting sand dunes, and the canyons are some of the sights you can see in Death Valley should you wish to visit. There are so many hiking activities you can undertake in Lake Valley. Let’s look at a few of them. 

Hike to Dante’s View 

Lovers of photography will find Dante’s view aesthetically pleasing. This place is located at the heart of Death Valley, overlooking the Badwater Basin, which is the lowest point in the United States. If you proceed further, you can see the glassy terrains accompanied by fun trails where you can view great sights. This is an interesting hiking place in Death Valley. 

Zabriskie Point 

This is another interesting hiking location that you view once you’re in Death Valley. Proceed from the parking lot to the overlook, where you can make short hiking trails to the hills. You can as well decide to watch the sunset in that area. 

Badwater Basin 

Badwater Basin is considered the lowest point in the United States, 282 feet below sea level. You can make a short hike through the wide flat trails heading into the salt flats from the parking lot. This can be somewhere you can take unique photographs. 

Devil’s Golf Course 

Located near the Badwater Basin is the Devil’s Golfcourse, a terrain made up of lumpy salt flats. You can take a quick stop in this area and take good pictures, and its located right of the parking lot. The salt flats are very sharp. Therefore you should be careful while walking on them to avoid getting injured. This is an area that I won’t recommend for anyone and their kids. 

Death Valley is a natural hiking spot for most people in the states, and I expect this to be a hotspot for hikers and tourists alike. 

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