Hot Springs in Alaska

Alaska in the United States of America is known largest state in the country and quite popular because of its outdoor activities. Its diverse terrain includes mountains, wildlife, forests, and hot springs for heartwarming holidaying, which we are going to discuss in this post. 

When it comes to visiting hot springs in Alaska, there are many options to choose from. If you are wondering what these options are, then relax and find out below the most fascinating and relaxing hot springs in Alaska. 

White Sulphur Springs

The White Sulphur Springs is located in the remote Chichagof Island area. Surrounded by towering spruce trees and hemlocks, this hot spring overlooks the ocean, providing a unique and breathtaking view. Floatplane, boat, or kayak can be used to access the place. 

Chief Shakes Hot Springs

The Chief Shakes Hot Springs is a highly popular hot spring in Alaska. Nestled in the Tongass National Forest, this place has areas for amazing fun, including changing forestry, fire spots for outdoor fun, and picnic tables. 

Kilo Hot Springs

Are you a hiking enthusiast? Situated in the northern part of the Ray Mountain, Kilo Hot Springs is the place for you to be and hike all your way to adventure and fun. You can access the area with a small plane or from the Dalton Highway. The hot springs here are warm, serene, and relaxing. 

Tenakee Hot Springs

Bathhouses, viewing opportunities, amazing residents, and more, are what you will find in the Tenakee Hot Springs. It is situated in a remote village in southeast Alaska. This place offers you a place to relax and disconnect from the world as it has no cell reception.

Chena Hot Springs Fairbanks

Chena Hot Springs Fairbanks is the most popular and most visited hot spring in Alaska. Located in the northeast of Fairbanks, close to the Chena River State Recreation Area, this is a hot spring to hang out with friends and family. While soaking and relaxing in the springs, you will get the opportunity to view the aurora borealis above you. 

There you have it! Above are some hot springs in Alaska that you can consider visiting. Hot springs offer an amazing location for heartwarming holidaying or weekend vacation. You will definitely love the amazing scenery and cozy atmosphere anytime you visit any of the locations mentioned above. A wonderful experience awaits you.

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