Ice Fishing Bluegill Tips for Beginners

Ice fishing is one of the exciting outdoor activities that will let you enjoy quality times with your family during the winter. Bluegill is arguably the commonest fish across the ice belt so it makes sense that is the target of most ice fishing expeditions. Are you new to ice fishing? Do you want to catch as much Bluegills as possible? Here are some tips that will help you tremendously as a beginner: 

Choose the Right Location 

Depending on the time of the year you go fishing, take time to find the right location for fishing. Bluegill pattern and depth will very throughout the winter. You will find them in shallower bays with healthy amount of vegetation at early ice. In mid-winter they will push out to the deeper basin while late ice will bring them back to the vegetation as they make their way into shallow bays for the spring spawn. Target them according to season and fishing will be more fun. 

Use Jigging Technique to Lure Fish 

Jigging is one of the most efficient techniques of attracting and catching bluegills and other panfish. Pulsing a jig up and down with short vibrations of the rod tip can be very effective at all times. You can pulse the bait slowly and down through the water column for more active fish. Dead sticking, which involves holding the jig completely still, will attract finicky fish. 

Use Micro Jigs to Improve Fishing Success 

Bluegills feed on small insects, minnows, and larvae. You can use micro jigs to mimic these feeds and attract bluegills for more catches. You should go for the micro jigs that are made of tungsten as they work well for deep water. Once they provide the subtle presentation that mimic the items bluegills feed on, your chances of huge success will be meaningfully enhanced. 

Mix Live Bait with Your Plastics 

You can catch a lot of bluegills by using plastic baits but you can improve your chances of success by mixing live baits with the plastics. Waxies and eurolarvae are some of the commonest live baits for ice fishing. 
There you have it! Above are some ice fishing Bluegill tips for beginners. Ice fishing can be an extremely exciting outdoor adventure in the winter. If you are a beginning, the ice fishing bluegill tips above can be very helpful. Put them together and observe what works for you most.

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