Ice Fishing Wisconsin Lakes


Are you considering going ice fishing? It is advisable that you go for ice fishing in Wisconsin. The reason is that Wisconsin has loads of great fishing rivers and lakes; nevertheless, this post has compiled a list of the best ice fishing lakes in Wisconsin that should be on your bucket list.

Green Bay

Green Bay is a large body of water and a basin of Lake Michigan that covers more than 1,000,000 acres and features some of the best ice fishing spots on the planet. Another fantastic thing is that Green Bay features some of the biggest walleyes spots like Oconto, Sturgeon Bay, and the Fox River. Targeting around 20 feet of water is considered as the normal depth walleye’s live during the winter season. Also, be aware of the whitefish as these fighters and finicky biters are exciting to catch and great table fair.

Lake Winnebago

Ice fishing Lake Winnebago for sturgeon, white bass, perch, and walleye is a popular ice fishing spot throughout the nation. Early ice up in the channels and bays on the west shore offer amazing opportunities to bag some cool early season panfish. Concentrate around weed edges to find some green weeds. As ice accumulates, the panfish will start to move around the deeper basin areas of these bays. You can use the flasher to locate these fishes.

Black Oak Lake

Widely known as the clearest lake in Wisconsin – this lake is surrounded by several wild rivers and glacial lakes that accommodate panfish, northern pike, lake and stream trout, largemouth and smallmouth bass, trophy musky and walleye. In the winter, you will notice familiar shanties dot the lakes as dedicated ice fishermen fight off the elements to get the next big catch. The lake has shown visibility that exceeded 30 feet.

Boom Lake

Rhinelander houses some great ice fishing lakes. Also, Hodag County is widely referred as the ice fishing capital on this platform for great reasons – they have iconic fishing lakes, you will find fantastic amenities and lodging, and host popular long-running tournaments. Boom Lake is located in Rhinelander and offers productive fishing for musky, northern pike, panfish, bass, and walleye.

The fact is that Wisconsin is widely considered as one of the best ice fishing destinations. Ensure that you visit these locations with your friends and family!

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