Non-essential Things to Bring on a Camping Trip

Camping has always been a way to escape the hustle and bustle of the urban city. A means to take time and reconnect with nature, have some time to yourself and think or bond with your partner and friend. It is a means to experience that quiet and soothing experience once in a while.

Due to the fact that you are moving away from nature, one needs to pack some needed materials to make the camping exercise a bit comfortable, materials like Tents, Jackets, Stoves, etc are highly needed.  Much is not needed as you are going to be trekking in some part of the journey.

Apart from the essential items, there are also non-essential items needed to come along with. They are not basically needed for the journey or survival, but they can be used to make the camping more fun or can come in handy for comfort or survival in the long run. Here is a list of these Non-essential items that might be worthwhile during camping:

Electric fan

Depending on the season and region you are going camping, this item can come in handy to keep you and your tent cool if you go camping in hot regions or during a hot season. it is advisable to come along with ones powered by batteries over the rechargeable types.

Fun games

It can be a card game or whatever type of game that can be comfortably played in a camp. This is much more needed if the camping is organized by a group of friends. It can be a way to keep the parties involved when bored or during late-night gists. Euchre is one of my favorite games if you have 4 players.


Coupled with the fact that you have packed a lot of food items that will surely be enough for you during the days you plan to spend there, coming along with a snack might be beneficial to you in the long run. It can be used to keep the stomach busy while you await your next meal, keep your taste buds open so as not to lose appetite. You can also take it as a meal in other to save your food supply.


In as much as you are looking for a way to get away from the real world, you still need to keep yourself of the happenings in your town. Battery-powered radios can serve as a way to keep yourself enlightened on the day to day happenings in the city. Also, the Mp3 can be used to make the area lively and an avenue for a bit of a fun time amongst campers.

An Instrument

Notwithstanding its non-essentiality, this is a very good tool for campers. The instrument most attached to a campfire is the guitar. Coming along with a vintage guitar can serve as a way to entertain yourself or your fellow campers and lift their moods and show off your ability!


Flannel is not always used during camping, but it is always worthwhile to come along with them as there might be a change in weather. A sudden drop of temperatures during evenings or as a form of insulation occasionally, a flannel might just come in handy at any point in the camping exercise.

These items are not very much needed in your stay at your camping is not a must to come with them as you need to keep your luggage on the low to avoid wasting your energy and time dragging them along. Nevertheless, they are still needed to make the camping stay more fun for you and your fellows coming along with one or two of them is recommended for campers.

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