South Dakota Camping Reservations

Have you always dreamed of camping in South Dakota? You can make that dream come true. You have over 50 state parks to choose from, and each has something unique to offer. Due to the coronavirus pandemic and the need to observe all safety guidelines, some restrictions may be in place in some of the cabins and lodges. That doesn’t mean you can’t make your reservations.

South Dakota camping reservation is ongoing at the moment. If you are concerned about the pandemic and the effect it can have on your camping expedition, consult this COVID-19 information page before making a final decision.

Depending on the time of the year you want to make the reservation, some comfort stations may be closed. This is common during the winter months. However, some parks are open and ready for campers all-year-round.

Getting Started

If you have made up your mind to secure your South Dakota Camping reservation, you can easily purchase a park entrance license right now. You can also check out the 90 Day Reservation Calendar. You can make reservations in most state parks 90 days ahead of your camping date.

Using the Online Store

You can use your online store to indicate some of your interests and explore the parts of the parks that will suit you. You will find interactive campground maps on either your computer or mobile device. Use them to explore and find your way through the parks.

You can explore the camp maps in different ways. You can zoom in and out, click on the pin icons, and pick your view. From the search results, you can explore more information or make reservations right away.

Important Tips to Keep In Mind When Making a Reservation

  • Always make reservations with an updated version of the internet browser
  • Create an account before attempting to book your reservation
  • Reservations are mostly available for 90 days, but Custer reservation is available for a year in advance
  • Use the search availability features to search for available parks easily
  • Use the helpful map to explore and determine what will suit you most
  • Making reservations online can save you some money.

There you have it! Above are some ideas to help you plan your South Dakota camping reservation. South Dakota is perfect for camping. You need to make your reservations ahead of time to avoid disappointments. A wonderful experience awaits you as you plan your weekend getaway.

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