Spelunking Utah: Make Plans to Visit These Cave Systems

Bloomington, Utah, happens to be the fifth largest cave in Utah. It features several levels of caves and passageways that are like mazes. Being the only accessible cave in St. George region, it offers tourists a place to escape the upper world and to descend into darkness. It is the kind of journey where you will want to pack a really good first aid kid.

The Bloomington Cave system was discovered at the turn of the century with the founding of nearby St. George. As the city grew only a few kilometers away, this famous cave has been subject to increasing destruction. In the mid-1950s, Utah Dixie Grotto blew up the entrances to because he believed the cave was too dangerous. The cave quickly disintegrated. Spray-shaped graffiti pollutes the walls of busy routes.

Bloomington Cave is a fault cave. The cave flows north and south with a westward jump of about 40 degrees. With this jump, the cave can be lowered to its maximum depth without ropes. 

The cave is a three-dimensional fractured maze. The floor of the cave is made up of large steps that push out the sloping ceiling. Many walls are low connecting passageways. Walls are untouchable in many places. And many passages overlap. The cave is a nightmare, indeed.

Bloomington caves are built of limestone. This cave is rare because most limestone caves are formed by freshwater flowing through the limestone and slowly dissolve parts of the rock until a cavity or cave is formed. This cave was neither shaped by water nor significantly shaped. 

Although the first visits occurred in the early 1900s, the Bloomington Cave has been intensively researched and mapped by enthusiastic local speleologists.

There are two entrances where this breakthrough hits the surface and gives access. Its lowest recorded point is 240 meters below the parking lot. This is not the kind of cave where you will see countless colorful crystals, but for those who appreciate geology, there is something for you.

If you are an outdoor or adventure enthusiast, Spelunking in Bloomington, Utah, is an amazing experience. This trip offers a great opportunity to learn about a unique cave system with many levels and maze-like passageways. A fantastic experience awaits!

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