How to Clean a Water Bladder

Water bladders make everything easier, right? You do not need to struggle with water bottles especially when you are on a hiking or bicycling adventure. All you need do is grab the bite valve, and drink your water. Similar to many outdoor gears, you need to keep your water bladder clean. It is important to…


Hiking Activities to Do in Death Valley

Death Valley! That name is probably not heard as much as “the Everglades” or “Yosemite.” It’s a name that instills in you a great sense of fear and mystery. The place is characteristically known for its unusual sailing stones and towering mountains. A place is indeed a great place for tourists who wish to undertake…


4 Dangerous Hikes for Experts

Hiking may seem like the less engaging sibling of mountain climbing and other aerobic activities. A good number of people will likely tell you that it’s boring and does not thrill you with a dose of adrenaline, unlike other leisure sports. However, there are terrains that you would wish you won’t go for a hike…


3 North Pole Hiking Adventures

Hiking in the polar regions can be an exciting experience that will change your view of things. This is heightened when you consider the temperature, the terrain and the landscape as you walk. Even the snow and sandy beaches in those regions can add to the entire adventure and make it worthwhile. Coming to the…


Beautiful Hiking Spots in Maui, Hawaii

When visiting Valley Isle, ensure that you take time to explore this site. These beautiful hiking spots in Maui will give you the best value for your money. You wouldn’t waste much time on vacation and also maximize your precious time. We have compiled a list of the best places to hike in this city….


Best Parts Of Opal Creek Oregon Hiking

Well, Oregon is basically a state that is located in the North-Western part of the United States. Now, if you have a very close association with hiking, you have probably heard this name. Opal Creek area is one of the most suitable spots for hiking in Oregon. In the Cascade Range of Oregon, this is…


Test Your Skills With These Hardest Hikes in the World

Steep climbs, tough weather conditions, non-flat surfaces, etc are some of the features that characterize hard trails. For those looking for hard trails to putting their hiking ability to a challenge and earn bragging rights, consider the list below.  Whitney Portal – Mount Whitney, California Mount Whitney, 14,505 feet, is the highest point in the…