Top 5 Ways To Protect Your Guitar

brown guitar

It’s common knowledge that guitars are valuable instruments. Protecting your guitar from damage, such as scratches and dings, will prolong its life and need less repair work down the road. I compiled 5 ways to best care for your guitar.

1. Use a Guitar Case

A majority of acoustic and electric guitars have cases made specifically to house them safely. The case should be stored in an upright position, with any effects or cords stored inside as well so they do not rub against other objects and possibly scratch the finish on the instrument. Alternatively, it is good practice to keep a clean cloth between your guitar and its case to avoid scratching it.                      

2. Do Not Leave Your Guitar In An Unheated Area

Leaving your guitar in the cold can affect the wood, causing it to crack or warp.

3. Keep Your Guitar Away From Direct Sunlight Or Heat Sources

While protecting your guitar from extreme temperatures is important, protecting it from direct sunlight is equally so. Ultraviolet rays will not only damage the finish of your instrument but also cause cracks and other structural defects that result in permanent damage.                             

4. Do Not Use Household Cleaners On The Body Of An Acoustic Guitar

Using household cleaners on an acoustic guitar can erode away at its plastic components or remove varnish, resulting in scratches or even exposing raw wood to the environment.

Cleaning the body of an acoustic guitar with a damp cloth is sufficient to remove dirt accumulation.                          

 5. Store Your Guitar In A Climate Controlled Area

Storing your guitar in a climate-controlled area will prevent it from fluctuating too much in temperature or humidity, which can lead to warping. Ideally, storing your guitar where you or others smoke will minimize damage done by tobacco tar as well.       

 If you treat your guitar with care and follow these tips, you will be able to keep your guitar in great shape for a very long time.

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