What It Takes to Compete in the Tour de France

Tour de France is one of the best cycling races in the world. It’s a yearly competitive race done between different cycling athletes around the globe. The unique thing about Tour de France is that it’s not a competition that you can be part of because you own a fancy bike. 

The riders who participate in the competition are well trained for long-distance riding and extend their stamina over 2000 miles. The competition winners are well respected and given the reputation they deserve for the amount of preparation that they put into getting there. 

How to Participate 

Get a Team 

Being part of the Tour de France also means that you have to be part of a team rather than an individual rider. Riders are first of all invited to enter the competition based on their ranking on the International Cycling Union rankings. 

Also, there are some entry spaces for wildcards who are relatively unseeded in the cycling sport.  Your performance in racing tournaments will guarantee you an invitation to a top squad. Each team is expected to invite a maximum of nine riders. 

Each rider has a role to play in any team, depending on the different climbing stages available. Some riders may not necessarily be fast, but they can easily ride through certain terrains. Your ability in these various terrains is enough to earn you an invite. 


Only male riders are invited to the Tour de France. Women stopped getting invites to the tournament since 2014. 

Race Preparations

Once a team has been assembled, the next step is to start training for the racing proper. Training starts once a present year’s tour has been concluded. The coach of each team will map out different races that each team member will participate in depending on the role they will play on that team. 

The races are part of the plan by the coach to ensure that the cyclers on the team are all on top form come when the next tour starts the following year. The plan and selection for the tour start by the ending of September and will continue with races and plans from October. 

Being in fit condition is obviously part of a bicyclist’s preparation. Proper exercise and diet are required, and using supplements like those produced by Pure Encapsulations and New Chapter also help.

Being part of a Tour de France is for the best riders in the game, although you can’t rule out wildcards becoming noticed now and then. With the guide above, you can also participate in the Tour de France. Its demands on the human body almost make it a survival sport!

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